Exciting new features for the all-time favorite Collage Moment

You can now upload branded filters, use this Moment on a desktop computer and add text to your photo!

August 13, 2020
The Collage Moment creates a massive mosaic picture with the selfies of your audience. You can also add branded images and photo filters to make the collage appear in your brand.

Using the Collage Moment brings your audience together. Everyone enjoys taking fun pictures and adding filters to them. Together with other fans and friends it creates a feeling of togetherness and sets the mood for an exciting event. This Moment is always a fan-favorite as seeing yourself on a big screen, the Jumbotron, or inside a live stream is fun every time.

Even now with more and more events taking place online, the Collage Moment allows the audience to share how they are experiencing the event. This way fans feel closer together despite their physical distance.

You can use this Moment to bridge waiting time before a show or to create fun interactions during halftime. The Collage Moment is also a great way to onboard the audience to Stagecast. A moderation page is available to ban inappropriate content.

Last week we launched three exciting new features for the Collage Moment:

1. Upload branded filters.

You can now add filters so fans can decorate their pictures with some fun glasses or even better: your Logo! Simply upload your logo or choose from our predesigned filters when setting up the Collage Moment.

2. Use Collage Moment on a desktop computer.

Fans can now also use the Moment on their computers. They can send in selfies with their webcam.

3. Add text to your photo.

After taking a picture on a webcam or phone camera, you can now add text to your selfie – let everyone know how excited you are!

See here how to use Stagecast and easily create a Collage Moment yourself and have fun with your designed filter.

Let’s create beautiful Collages together with your audience!

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