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Buy Moments for your events in the Moment Store.

Moment Store Prices

< 1k visitors


Free Moments

< 10k visitors


per 10k visitors


< 1k visitors

1.000 SEK

Regular Moments

< 10k visitors

3.000 SEK

per 10k visitors

6.000 SEK

< 1k visitors

1.500 SEK

< 10k visitors

5.000 SEK

per 10k visitors

8.000 SEK

Advanced Moments

Pay per used Moment per event. You will be charged after the event.

Use your Moments in a Free or Pro Account.

Account Plans

Use a MIDI interface to launch Moments. Trigger a Moment using your queue or timecode setup connected to our MIDI interface.

Brand your Moments with sponsors logos, colors and more.

Get basic analytics on the amount of users in your event and what Moments they engaged in.

Get full insighs on the user engagement before, during and after your event. See the number of impressions and clicks in your branded Moments, detailed hour-by-hour engagement in the app and more.

Collaborate in the setup & rehersal of your event. Add Crew members that can see non-public events and Moments and create on the Stagecast platfrom.

Launch your Moments in a mobile device before purchasing them.

Receive support via phone and online chat.



Set a time when a Moment is launched.

Add up to 5 Crew Members

Unlimited Crew Members

Limited Support During Weekdays

24/7 Full Support

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What Payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, and (in selected countries) direct debit.

What happens if I have more visitors than expected?

The Moments will reach as many people as you have created the event for. If more visitors are connected to your event, they will not receive any Moments.

How do I upgrade my account to a professional account?

Log in to your profile page on the Stagecast web platform. Under “Account” you can easily upgrade your account to a professional account.

When will I be charged?

We always charge you after the event is over. You receive an invoice of all Moments you have used up to 25 days after the event.

How often can I create and launch the purchased Moments?

You can create and launch the Moment types you have purchased multiple times without extra charge in the same event. When you create a new event, you will have to buy new Moments.

Can I use Stagecast for free?

Absolutely! It will always be free to create events on Stageacast. You can use free Moments as much as you like.

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