Fan Engagement & Sponsorship Activation for Mercedes-Benz

Hundreds of thousands of fans participate in an epic 30-day fan challenge at the world's largest eSports event.

Jonas Hermann
December 6, 2023
Mercedes-Benz, a leader in automotive innovation, sought to solidify its connection with the youthful, tech-savvy eSports audience. Teaming up with Stagecast & lead agency Apollo18, they aimed to harness the passion of the League of Legends community during the World Championship event. The eSports industry is fiercely competitive, not just on the screens but in the stands. Mercedes-Benz needed to captivate fans in a way that intertwined their brand with the thrills of the game, turning passive viewers into active participants.

The 30-Day Mercedes Hextech Chest Challenge

Leveraging Stagecast's interactive platform, the campaign launched a 30-day challenge. Fans engaged in various game modes daily, collecting points to win League of Legends Hextech Chests, all under the Mercedes-Benz banner.

Gamification done right: Every day of the League of Legends World Championships, fans participated in one of three different game modes, with a daily leaderboard to win fun in-game prizes (so-called "Hextech chests").

Different Game Modes, Mercedes Branded

Loyalty Program: To sustain engagement, those who participated in five games and gathered 400,000 points were entered into a raffle for grander in-game prizes, creating a compelling reason to return each day.

Loyalty Program for extra prizes.

Effortless Campaign Setup with Stagecast

The entire Mercedes-branded campaign was seamlessly set up in the Stagecast system. Partnering with Apollo18, the sponsorship activation campaign and loyalty program was easily managed in the Stagecast console without writing a single line of code.

The Results? Record-Breaking Participation

Hundreds of thousands of participants have joined the fray. The Mercedes Hextech Chest activation has become a hot topic among the League of Legends fanbase, with enthusiasts from around the world creating Mercedes-Hextech Chest YouTube videos and sparking discussions on Reddit threads.

Record-breaking Participation: The campaign quickly became one of the most successful World Championships activations, with hundreds of thousands of participants and Loyalty Program sign ups.

Brand Traffic: With over 8% click-though rate, Mercedes-Benz saw a surge in page visits and interactions, attributable to the well-placed calls-to-action within the games.

Community Buzz: The activation spilled over into the digital world, with fans creating dedicated content and online discussions, effectively multiplying the brand's presence across media platforms.

Engaging Fans and Driving Brand Traffic

The fun didn't stop at the games. Mercedes activated its brand in a smooth and compelling manner, driving traffic to its pages where fans are encouraged to book test drives or learn more about Mercedes products. This is made possible through Stagecast's Call-To-Action features, which seamlessly integrate with the fan experience.

The Stagecast and Mercedes-Benz initiative at LoL Worlds not only set a new precedent for fan engagement but also paved the way for future collaborations. As the eSports landscape evolves, Mercedes-Benz, Apollo 18 and Stagecast are committed to pioneering immersive fan experiences that resonate with audiences and propel the brand to new heights.

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