Stagecast for Educators

Interactive lessons to create lasting learning experiences

Stagecast takes your online & offline lessons, webinars or workshops from a one-way monologue to an interactive experience - helping you to engage participants and to create lasting learning experiences.

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Activities your students will love

Live Polls

Create polls to visualize opinions or votings to topics of your webinar.

Sketch Collage

Make your audience draw images related to the topic of your webinar to jumpstart conversations and create a personal component in your workshop.


Give everyone a chance to ask their questions, whether they’re on mute or too shy to speak up.

Live Quiz

Test your audience on a catalogue of workshop-related questions in real time. You decide when to display the next question. Participants are ranked in a leaderboard.

Collect questions before & feedback after the lessons

Simply share a link before the lesson to collect questions or after your lesson to gather valuable feedback.

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Highlight & moderate questions
Collect & export feedback from your attendees

Create lasting learning experiences

Test your audience on your content with quizzes and incentivise paying attention with leaderboard competitions and prizes.

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Live quizzes and non-live quizzes
Real-time leaderboards
Export & analyze results

Hundreds of activity templates

Pick from our beautifully designed, ready-made templates or create your own.

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Why educators choose Stagecast over other interaction platforms

other solutions

Standard activities such as Polling, Q&A and Quizzes

New and exciting activities such as Selfie Collages, Treasure Hunts, Games & more

Advanced branding control

Advanced competitions & leaderboards

Add prizes & giveaways

Choose from hundreds of professionally designed templates

Advanced analytics to quantify engagement & download reports

Collect feedback, promote landing pages, newsletters or web-shops to turn your webinar attendees into business leads

Manage prizes and giveaways effortlessly

From customized win-criteria to automated prize fulfillment: Stagecast makes it easy to incentivice participation, add prizes and excite your attendees.

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Choose from various winning criteria e.g. Top Ranking or Score
Automate prize fulfillment for post webinar quizzes & competitions
Collect winner information to collect leads

Participation made easy

Your attendees don’t have to download or install anything - they can join via a link, QR code or by going to and enter your room code from any of their devices.

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Works on all online meeting platforms
Participants can join with a link, QR or Room code
Works in a classroom as well as online
No downloads or apps required.

Feature Highlights


Give admin access to your assistants that will help you moderate the activities

Custom themes & branding

Match Stagecast with your webinar theme by adding your own branding & logos


Choose from many templates and start engaging your audience in no-time.

Works with your favorite platforms & tools

Don’t change your existing workflow. Use Stagecast with the platforms & tools you know best.


Power Point


Cisco WEBx


Frequently asked questions

Is Stagecast a video conferencing tool?

No, Stagecast is an audience interaction platform. It does not replace your live streaming or video conferencing apps but it can be easily used alongside to enhance interaction at your meeting or event.

What devices do I need to run Stagecast?

You need just your laptop or desktop PC to manage Stagecast. Your attendees don’t have to download or install anything - they can join via a link, QR code or by going to and entering your room code from any of their devices.

How do I set up Stagecast with my video conferencing tool?

There are several ways you can do that - Share the Stagecast Presenter view or simply show Stagecast on your venue screens.

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