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Simple and fast integration

Embed Stagecast with a simple iFrame
Connect to our APIs for advanced integrations
Compatible with every development environment
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Customizable to fit your brand

Customize activities to fit your brand
Easily add sponsor logos
Update brand assets online and on the fly
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Examples of how to embed Stagecast

Embed Stagecast in
your app menu 

Embed Stagecast on
a subdomain on your website

Reliable and regularly maintained software integration

Regularly maintained software 
State of the art AWS server hosting
24/7 Stagecast Support
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New activities added regularly

Access to the entire Stagecast infrastructure

Receive instant data reports
All Stagecast activities in your own app
Manage & moderate inappropriate fan content
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Flexible Content Management system

Change content live and on the fly
Update brand content easily
Create new fan activations in the blink of an eye
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