Handball - EHF European Championships

How the Swedish National Handball Team used Stagecast Moments to create and measure fan activation.

About the event

The 2020 Men's EHF EURO is the official championship for the European handball national teams and has been held every other year since 1994. The most sucessfull team so far has been Sweden, having already won four titles.

Stagecast was used by Handbollslandlaget, the Swedish Handball National Team, during its 2020 Men's EHF EURO preparation game against Egypt and was integrated into the official Handbollslandlaget app "Gameday". Stagecast's Collage Moment and Quiz Moment were used before the game, the halftime break and during all timeouts.

“Flawless execution. Easy to handle product. Great way to offer new sponsorship opportunities for event partners. I am looking forward to continue to use Stagecast!"

Stefan Lövgren, CEO Handbollslandslaget AB

Why Stagecast

Stagecast helped to create new ways of fan engagement, activated the Gameday app as well as offered new sponsor brand activation opportunities at the game Sweden against Egypt.

1. Create new ways of fan engagement:

With Stagecast new and exciting fan engagement was created before the game started, in the halftime as well as during game breaks.

2. Activate Gameday:

Gameday is the official app of the Swedish National Team - Stagecast helped to promote the application to the audience and increased participation.

3. Sponsor & Brand Activation:

With the new fan activities on site, the Collage Moment and the Quiz Moment, Stagecast offers new and powerful sponsorship opportunities for Handbollslandlaget, the Swedisch national team - Sponsorship activations that are trackable and measureable to help quantify ROI / ROO to the involved sponsors.

Collage Moment at EHF

The Collage Moment was used before the game started as well as during game breaks - both, in the beginning of the halftime show as well as when the game was interrupted. Fans loved the interactive element and took close to 800 pictures during the night!

Quiz Moment at EHF

The Quiz Moment was used during the halftime of the game. 260 participants answered five team related questions - the faster they answered the more points they got. At the end, we had a close race but a clear winner - Congratulations to Adam!

The Quiz Moment is also used for a daily, live quiz in the gameday app. Fans have something to look forward to every day during the Handball Championship!

Stagecast Integration in Gameday app

Stagecast was integrated into Gameday - the official app of the Swedish National Handball Team. The Stagecast Integration is a simple web view integration and can be performed in any development environment, which only takes a couple of clicks to install.

Get Stagecast in your app or on your website today! 

Data Report

Stagecast enables data tracking of fan and brand activation. Event statistics as well as specific Moment statistics and participation rates are available on a finger tip. At the Sweden against Egypt game, Stagecast activated about 13% of the audience and created over 1700 event engagements! 

Stagecast Event Data Report

That was Stagecast at the EHF Men's Handball Championships. See you at the next match!