Why Stagecast

New Monetization Opportunities

Increase sponsorship and advertisement sales

Activate sponsorship brands

Easily integrate brands & logos into Moments with a few clicks to activate sponsorships and sell such brand exposure to your event partners.

Upload branding & logos in Moments.
Provide Sponsor-powered prizes in Moments.
Upsell brand exposure in Moments to your event partners, sponsors or advertisers.
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Offer new advertisement & sponsorship products

Personalized, engaging, interactive and measurable brand activations that everyone loves - and that sponsors are willing to pay  for.

Easily create engaging content that grabs the attention of your audience with Moments.
Measureable fan activation & logo impressions.
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Convert your audience into online customers

Activate your audience to visit advertised websites or online shops and turn spectators into customers.

Generate traffic to your app, website or online shop from Moments.
Measure generated traffic and conversion rates (coming soon).
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Increase traffic to your digital channels

Make your app or website an integrated part of the event or broadcast experience and thereby drive traffic to your digital channels.

Easily integrate Stagecast into your website or app to drive traffic.
Increase the content value of your website, app and social media channels
Retain audience to come back to your website, app and social media channels regularly.
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