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2016 / 2017
Jonas Hermann
Jonas Hermann, Hedvig Ahlgren, Markus Wallentin, Robin Bugdahn, Stefan Hellkvist

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What is Stagecast?

English Version
Stage cast is a fan engagement and brand activation platform, helping event marketers create meaningful interactions with fans and new sponsoring opportunities for event partners.

Swedish Version
Stagecast är en fan-engagement och brand-activation plattform, som hjälper eventmarknadsförare att skapa meningsfulla interaktioner med fans och nya sponsormöjligheter för event-partners.

Why Stagecast?

Modern event organizers understand that engaging digitally with audiences pre, post and during events matters and can present significantly increased user experience as well as up-sell opportunities in merchandise, food and beverage. Increased digital engagement is also key for attracting outside sponsorship from brands to events.

How do event organizers use Stagecast?

Organizations and organizers are using Stagecast in a variety of ways. Most integrate it into existing apps or websites and activities to create additional value, measure the outcome of activities and finally to increase interaction between participants.
Others build their event around Stagecast, and utilize the service to extend the event experience prior, during and after an event.
Users of Stagecast mostly participate in pre-organized moments - such as votings, quizzes, light shows and more.

In the end, Stagecast should be used to fit your needs and to create richer, modern event experiences.