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Jonas Hermann
Jonas Hermann, Hedvig Ahlgren, Markus Wallentin, Robin Bugdahn, Stefan Hellkvist


What is Stagecast?

Stagecast is an app or app integration that entertainment event audiences download to their smartphones.

Why Stagecast?

Modern event organizers understand that engaging digitally with audiences pre, post and during events matters and can present significantly increased user experience as well as up-sell opportunities in merchandise, food and beverage. Increased digital engagement is also key for attracting outside sponsorship from brands to events.

How do event organizers use Stagecast?

Prior to an event the app offers necessary information, such as parking, ticketing or event maps as well as fun engagement activities to help the audiences settle in faster and more efficiently. At the event, the phone acts as “the modern cigarette lighter” where the show producer can trigger “Moments” that happen on the smartphone. This can be flashes, color moments, building collages of photos to the backdrop or interactive crowd games  - anything that modern producers would like to trigger to 1000s of smartphones in a synchronized way that blends with the live performance.