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Stagecast AB
2016 / 2017
Stockholm, Sweden

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What is Stagecast?

Stagecast is an audience interaction, gamification and brand activation platform, enabling community builders, event hosts and brands bring people together, facilitate interaction and drive measurable brand value on all online and offline channels.

Why Stagecast?

Activates communities and builds culture
What creates a community is not the group itself, but the interactions within it. Stagecast helps to bring people together online and offline, facilitates interaction and thereby builds communities and company culture.

Makes virtual events engaging
Stagecast takes virtual events from two-dimensional live streams to three-dimensional experiences by turning attendees into active, engaged participants.

Increases brand awareness
Stagecast lets you customize and brand all activities so that your and partners’ brand will be recognized at a glance.

Brings audiences together on any channel
Stagecast works on your favorite channels - no matter where you build your community or host your event. That way, you do not have to bring your audience to a new platform or app and you can engage your audience on all channels through truly integrated marketing campaigns.

How do event organizers, community builders and brands use Stagecast?

Stagecast is used in a variety of ways. Most share Stagecast on their existing social-media channels, virtual event & meeting platforms or integrate Stagecast into existing apps or websites to create additional brand value, measure the engagement of audiences and to increase interaction with participants.

Others build their event around Stagecast and utilize the service to extend the experience prior, during and after an event.

In the end, Stagecast is used to create richer, branded online experiences and to engage communities both, online and offline.