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April 22, 2022

✨ New dashboard design, new activation categories and loyalty program improvements

  • New Dashboard Design: We have updated the appearance of the participant mode cleaned up the interface. This way you can focus on the most important tasks in Stagecast, without getting distracted by elements that are not relevant for you at the moment.
  • Activation Categories: We have categorized all activities into 6 types. This allows you to create activities much faster than before, while getting inspiration by templates on every activation type.
  • Loyalty Program: From now on you can decide if you want to display the dropdown menu on the winning screen of the loyalty program to collect more data or if you would like to hide it.

March 28, 2022

✨ New Google Sign up and improvements on the sharing functionality

  • Google Sign Up: Instead of typing in your email and thinking about another password that you need to remember, you can simply sign up with your google account.
  • Interest Types: By signing up the first time you can select an interest: "Business Meeting, Webinar & Teaching, Marketing" which will present only relevant templates based on your interest to you.
  • Share Button: We cleaned up the information that is displayed in the share button dropdown and made it stand out more when an activity is active.
  • Premium Feature Modal: You can now get an idea of what the features in the higher subscription tiers are actually worth using for. By clicking on a feature that is unlocked in your subscription plan you will see a modal, that gives you the ability to read more about the actual feature.

February 10, 2022

✨ NEW, affordable pricing plans, Word cloud and ranking poll activity and many more new templates

New Feature
  • New, affordable pricing for everyone: We believe running inclusive meetings and events should be available for everyone. So, we listend to your feedback and made our entree plans more affordable.

    Engage & Pro Plans
    We are excited to announce the update of our Stagecast Engage and Stagecast Pro plans. With only 7€ and 19€ per month, Stagecast is now the most affordable interaction platform on the market.

    Educational Plans
    Educators get an additional 50% off with the purchase of any Stagecast plan, making it easier for teachers, students, schools and universities to create engaging online and offline lessons.

    Enterprise Plans
    Single-Sign-On (SSO), Enhanced security, advanced data control and premium support are features available for our Enterprise customers in our all-new enterprise plans.
  • Word clouds: Let your audience generate a free Word Cloud quickly and easily. Post your question and watch vibrant words appear in real-time.
  • Ranking poll: Ask participants to rank items based on their importance or preference. Ranking polls help to identify relevant topics, opinions or pressing issues and help to make better decisions.
  • 22 New templates that get you started in no time: From word cloud mood meter templates to geo guesser quizzes, brainstorming polls and product launch trivia: This month we added a variety of new templates to the platform for you to get up-and-running with Stagecast in no time.

November 23, 2021

✨ Release of new Call-to-Action Templates, a Referral Program and many more updates

New Feature
  • 4 New Call-to-Action Templates: You can now add new CTA Templates to all of your activities. So far you were able to use the "Website Visit" Template, which redirects the participants to a seperate website. The clicks on the website were counted and displayed in the activity analytics. Now you can choose from four more templates "Receive Feedback", "Lead Generation", "E-Mail Newsletter Signups", "Sales Promotion". These templates will enable you to collect personal user information, like feedback, names and E-Mail addresses.
  • Activity Templates: Pick from our library of custom-crafted, ready-made templates to speed up your workflow or just get inspired for your next event by browsing through the template library. You can select templates out of four different categories: Corporate Events, Webinars, Virtual & Hybrid Events, Sponsorship Activations.
  • Loyalty Program - Enable E-Mail Notification: After setting up your loyalty program you can decide if you want to enable E-Mail Notification. When enabled your audience will receive an E-Mail every time a new activation gets started informing them that they can join the activity to finish their loyalty program progress.
  • Participant Profiles- Enable Rooms: Decide for which room in your workspace your audience needs to sign up in order to participate in your activities or your loyalty program.
  • Presenter View - Fullscreen Mode: When you are in a video conference and you want to display your presenter view in fullscreen mode you can do that now by selecting "Present Fullscreen" in the dropdown "Present"
  • Download Content - Live Q&A, Open Text: Save every information that was submitted in the Live Q&A or Open Text activity on your computer by downloading the content as an excel file. Just select "Download Content" in the activity card dropdown menu.
  • Anonymous Submissions- Live Q&A, Open Text: When configuring the Live Q&A or the Open Text activity you can decide if the name of your participants should appear on every message they submit or if every message should be highlighted as "anonym"
Bug Fixes
  • Room Top Banner Fix: Sometimes the top banner message did not appear in your room when you have enabled it. This problem is now solved and will work again.

October 11, 2021

✨ Release of a new Loyalty Program and Participant Profiles and many more updates

New Feature
  • Participant Profiles BETA: You can now let your audience create participant profiles. The sign up page for your participants will always appear first when participants join your room. You can decide if participants can skip the sign up process which will redirect them directly to the activity or if you want to force them to create an account in order to join the activity. For the sign up process participants needs to type in their email address and after receiving a verification email with a code that they need to type in to verify their identity they can join the activity after. Only participants with a profile can take part in the loyalty program.
  • Loyalty Program BETA: Reward participants who engage with your activities over a longer period of time. Set achievement goals like "Score 100.000p", "Click the following two website links" or "Participate in 5 activites" to win a prize. This loyalty program is only available when participants create a profile. Only than their progress can be tracked. You can easily set up and customize the loyalty program on the console. Just navigate to the workspace dropdown and you will find the item "Participant Profiles". In order to setup a loyalty program you need to create the participant sign up process first.
  • New Activity "Open Text": You can now choose the "Open Text" Activity to collect ideas, feedback or responses to a topic of choice and show results on the presenter view.
  • Download QR Code: Every room has a unique link that you can share with your participants. Now you can download a QR code that participants can scan to get directly to your room.
  • Reach Score Changes: When selecting the "Reach Score" win criteria you no longer type in a percentage of the max score a participant can achieve in the activity you want to use the "Reach Score" win criteria for. Instead you simply type in the score as a number that participants need to achieve in order to claim a prize. For example: When you want your participants to claim prizes when they reach the score 8000p in a Speed Quiz you simply type in "8000" in the input field when selecting the win criteria "Reach Score"
  • Simon Says - Reach Score: The win criteria "Reach Score" can now be used for the Simon Says activity.
  • Whack a Mole- Reach Score: The win criteria "Reach Score" can now be used for the Whack a Mole activity.
  • Speed Quiz - Scoring Changes: We have limited the amount of points participants can achieve in a Speed Quiz to 10.000p. Now it will not matter anymore how long the countdown lasts or how many questions you will set up in a quiz. The score participants can achieve will always be 10.000p.
Bug Fixes
  • Live Quiz Red Warning Message on Control Page: We have fixed an issue where a red warning message appeared on the control page when you have not started a live quiz yet. Before the amount of points where connected to the countdown of each question.

August 01, 2021

✨ Release of the new Stagecast Platform 3.0

New Feature
  • New User Interface: We have completely redesigned the platform to make it as easy as possible for you to create activities really fast, that your audience will love. We have build the platform based on your feedback, which we have collected over the past few years. On our way to create an outstanding engagement solution for your events we always value your input and feedback a lot.
  • New Prize Win Criteria: For every competitive activity you can add prizes very fast and straight forward. You can now select out of different winning criteria (Top Ranking, Completion, Reach Score) which will allow you to create more diverse activity competitions.
  • New Logo Banner: Add a highly customizable Logo Banner to every activity. You can change the background color, the title appearance and the Logos that will be displayed in the banner. Use the banner to let your sponsors shine.
  • New Prize Analytics: Measure how many participants have claimed your prizes and collect winner data like names and email addresses to send out the prize in a more personal way after.
  • Workspaces: Manage your clients or your team in workspaces and invite colleagues to collaborate with them.
  • Rooms: Rooms are where you invite your audience to participate. Every Room has a unique sharing link, a room code and the possibility to get embedded on your website or app.
  • Activity Analytics: We collect specific activity data, which you can now access in the activity analytics. For the Speed Quiz we collect for example "Quizzes played" or "Correct Answers". This data allows you to measure in detail how your audience interacted with your activity and how successfull your participants were engaged.
  • Upgrade Workspace: You can now upgrade your workspace to unlock certain features.
  • Welcome Screen: Share the room link with your audience and customize the room appearance while your audience is waiting for the activity to start.
  • Participant Mode: You can test every activity in a live preview called "Participant Mode" to speed up your work process.
  • Presenter View: View the results of the activity in the "Presenter Mode". You can view it on the platform, open it in a new tab to present them in an online meeting or share it with your collagues.

June 14, 2021

✨ Improved Classic Quiz and a new Activity called Mosaic Collage

New Feature
  • Change Logo Banner Color: You can now change the background color of the logo banner in the Classic Quiz.
  • New Activity: Mosaic Collage: You can use the Mosaic Collage to reveal a logo or specific image of your choice by photos of your audience.
Bug Fixes
  • Typo fixes in german: We corrected some wording in the german language.
  • UI fix in the help Popup: We improved the UI in the help popup.

April 07, 2021

✨ Improved Q&A, Prize Associations and Moderated Live Quiz adjustments

New Features
  • Question & Answer Submission Limitation: You can limit the amount of questions a participant can send in from 1-10 submissions.
  • Question & Answer Hide Recent Questions: If you don't want your participants to see the recent submitted questions on their screen of your audience you can now hide.
  • Duplicating a Moment will delete its prize association: When you have a prize connected to a Moment and you want to change, delete or edit this prize you can do the following: Duplicate the Moment. Create a new prize and connect this prize with the duplicated Moment.
  • Moderated Live Quiz Extended Leaderboard: The leaderboard on the result page between each questions will display the top 10 player instead of the top 5.

Bug Fixes
  • Uploading pictures to the Treasure Hunt works again: Thanks to some behind the scenes refactoring you can upload multiple images to the Treasure Hunt again.

March 03, 2021

✨ Improved Collage, Leaderboard Data and Bug fixing

New Features
  • Image Download for Participants of the Photo Collage: After a participant has taken a photo, he/she will be able to see his/her photos in a gallery. From there the photo can be downloaded. This way the user can share the image on social media.
  • Download full Leaderboard: If you want to see the full leaderboard of your quiz, memory or speed challenge you can now download the leaderboard as an .xlsx file. Just navigate to the right side of the launchpad to "Past Moment Results" and click on the settings icon of a quiz, memory or speed challenge Moment. You will now see a dropdown element called "Download Data". By clicking that button you will download the full leaderboard, which contains the username, score and ranking.

  • Language Support for the Photo Collage: We do now support french and spanish in the collage.
  • Enhanced Customization for the Photo Collage: Customize the title and change the header image on the mobile screen of the photo collage.

Bug Fixes
  • Editing Moment title, description: Changing the title and description of a Momentcard will work again.

February 09, 2021

✨ Improved Quizzes, Voting and Spinning Wheel

New Features
  • Image Uploader for the Classic Quiz: You can now add images (.jpg, .png, .gif) to every question of your quiz.
  • Image Uploader for the Moderated Live Quiz: You can now add images (.jpg, .png, .gif) to every question of your quiz.
  • CTA for Voting Activations: Create and brand Call to Action pages which appear after your participants have voted.
  • CTA for the Spinning Wheel: Create and brand Call to Action pages which appear after your participants have spinned the wheel.

  • Improved UI for Votings: You can choose between a dark and a light theme.
  • Show or hide results for Voting Activations: Decide if you want to show the voting results to your participants after they have voted on their mobile screen.
  • Improved UI for the Spinning Wheel: You can choose between a dark and a light theme.
  • Image Uploader for the Spinning Wheel: Support for images (.jpg, .png, .gif) for the winning and losing fields.
  • Prizes for the Spinning Wheel: You can connect prizes to the Spinning Wheel.
Bug Fixes
  • Multiple Tile Colors in the Collage Moment will work again: Thanks to some behind the scenes refactoring you can add multiple tile colors again.

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