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Empower your audience to vote in polls, participate in word clouds and win prizes in games.

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How it works


Choose from a variety of activities like polls, quizzes, word clouds, photowalls, Live Q&A and games.


Share the activity with your audience with a link or QR code and let them participate.


Reward your participants with prizes and build lasting relationships by using CTA's.

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Mix and match Moments for your event!

Moments are live audience interactions  - from crowd votings to quizzes or synchronized flashes for a lightshow of all phones.

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Your choice

In our Moment Store we provide many different Moments to choose from.

Extend the event

Use Moments before, during and after the event to engage your audience.


Surprise your audience with a completely new way of engagement.

1. Customize

Choose and customize your activities

Quizzes, collages, polls and many other type of activities to choose from. Add your content, logos and brand with a few clicks or start with a fitting template.

Save activities in your Stagecast room.

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Custom Branding

Edit images, colors, headlines, and much more right in the online builder. No downloads needed.

Logo Banners

Add logos to your activities and activate your own or partner brands.

Add Prizes

Add prizes to incentivize participation and create fun competitions.


Choose from over 100 beautifully crafted activity templates and be up-and-running in no time.

2. Engage

Share Stagecast with your audience wherever they follow, watch or listen.

There are three ways to make your audience join your Stagecast room -  by Link, QR or room code.

Once they joined your room, participants automatically engage in the activities you start.

1. Room Link

The Stagecast Room link is a convenient way to share Stagecast on social media channels, live streams or event invitations. Simply by clicking a click, participants join!

2. Room QR Code

You can also display the Stagecast QR code for participants to join - it's the perfect way to join in a virtual event or in the venue.

3. Four-digit Room Code

Alternatively, tell your audience to go to www.stagecast.io and type the 4-digit room code. That's the easiest way to engage your audience if you run a podcast or online meeting.

3. Measure

Measure the results and share your insights.

Receive valuable insights about how and when your audience engaged.

You can also download insights & reports to follow up with participants and winners.

Participants, sessions & time Spent

Receive insights about when & how many participants engaged and how much time they spent doing so.

Gather feedback & insights

All your participant feedback & content is safely stored for you to view and follow up later with.

Download reports as
Excel files

Download reports to share with your colleagues and partners.

4. Retain

Add call-to-action pop ups (CTAs) to your activities for audience retention.

Call-to-actions (CTAs) help you drive your business goals, collect feedback and build lasting relationships with your audience.

You can choose from a variety of call-to-action templates and fill them with your own content, links and brand.

Collect Feedback

Use Call-to-actions to collect open-answered feedback from your audience.

Sales Promotions & Ads

Redirect participants to your web-shop or sales promotion to drive online sales.

Lead Generation

Collect business leads and contact information from your participants and export them in your data lake.

Embed Stagecast in your own website or app

We made it very easy to embed Stagecast in your own app or website to help you drive traffic to the channels you own.

Embed Stagecast with a simple iFrame.
Access to all Stagecast activities & analytics tools.
Easy installation, no maintenance
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Find a variety of activities on Stagecast

To keep your audience engaged over time, you need content variety. Stagecast offer more than just polls and quizzes.

Polls, Q&As and Quizzes
Photo collages, Mosaics and more
Audience games, such as speed games, memory games and more
New activities every month
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Add prizes to increase participation

Stagecast makes it easy to add partner prizes and giveaways to your activities, helping you to incentivise participation and activate brands in a natural way.

Add custom competition terms, prize images & descriptions
Choose from different win criteria e.g. Top Ranking or Reach Score
Collect winner's contact information or automate prize fulfillment
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Works on all your channels

Use Stagecast activities to engage your audience no matter where they follow, watch or listen.

Works on all social media channels & live streams
Works on all online meeting platforms
Works on all virtual event platforms
Works for audio-only channel like podcasts
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Here are six reasons why organizer use Stagecast

Unlimited Activities

Create and use as many polls, quizzes, Q&A, photowalls and games as you wish.

Customization and Branding

Add your own content and customize the theme according to your brand with a few clicks.

Prizes, CTA and Logobanner

Incentivice your audience with prizes and loyalty programs and track their engagment with CTAs.

Easy to share

Share activities with your audience with a simple link or QR code.

View and export analytics

Download your Stagecast analytics as CVS and analyse your results.

Reliable customer support

Got a question? Just write to us in the chat and we reply within a few hours.

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