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Create branded social media activities that increase content engagement and convert followers to business leads.

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Mercedes-Benz engaged fans at the world’s largest esports event

During 21 consecutive match days, Mercedes-Benz used Stagecast to turn twitch viewers into participants of a Mercedes-Benz branded quiz competition.

350K +


3,7M +

Quizzes played

33M +

Logo Impression

Participant joined through:

How HPYBET drives brand activation with weekly fan competitions in major league Austian football

HPY BET is proud partner to some of the most successful Austrian football clubs and uses Stagecast to activate the brand in weekly fan challenges.

7,5K +


15% +

CTA Conversation Rate

380K +

Logo Impression

Audience participated through:

How Gazprom used Stagecast at the UEFA Chamions League to drive business results

Gazprom is prime partner for the UEFA Championsleague. In a global Treasure-Hunt  campaing, Gazprom decided to to activate fans with Stagecast.

27,5K +


4,5K +

Leads generated

540K +

Logo Impression

Audience participated through:

Out-of-the-box interactive content without having to hire a developer

Customize & launch Stagecast activities according to your brand with just a few clicks in our online builder.

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Edit logos, background images, color themes, header images and add your own content
Add partner-branded prizes and logos

Stagecast activities increase commercial content value

120 x

Attention Span

While the average social media user spends only 2.5 sec per post, Stagecast participants stay for an average of 5 min per activity.

3.8 %

Average CTA click rate

Stagecast participants are on average 322% more likely to click on a Stagecast CTA pop-up than an average social media user is to click on an ad.

Publish across channels

Stagecast works on all your channels - facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and even in your own blog or Newsletter. With a simple link, you can share activities and activate your audience wherever they follow you.

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Share activities with a simple link: "Swipe up to participate!"
Works on all your Social Media channels
Embed activities in your website or blog

Turn followers into business leads

With Stagecast’s commercial retention features you can invite followers to visit web shops, other social media pages or sign up for newsletters - helping you and your partners achieve your business goals.

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Choose from a variety of Call-To-Action templates
New ways for collaborations & sponsored posts

Measure content engagement 
& conversion

While your social media post might only show a couple of hundred likes, the Stagecast activity can lead to hundreds or thousands of quizzes played or questions answered. Use Stagecast analytics gain more valuable insights about audience engagement & brand impact than standard social media metrics would show

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Always-up-to-date online analytics
Download & share insights with partners
Measure referral success and export reports

Manage prizes and giveaways effortlessly

Stagecast makes it easy to add partner prizes and sponsor giveaways to your activities, helping you to incentivise participation and activate influencer partnerships in a natural way.

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Add custom competition terms, prize images & descriptions
Choose from different win criteria e.g. Top Ranking or Reach Score
Collect winner's contact information or automate prize fulfillment

Feature Highlights


Share the Stagecast link to all of your social media channels


Customize and brand your activities without having to write code


Add Call-To-Action pop-ups in activations to drive business goals

Works with all your Social Media channels

No matter where you build your community - Stagecast works with the platforms you know best.






Let's get you inspired how to use Stagecast

Frequently asked questions

Can I collect E-Mails and leads through Stagecast?

Yes, you can. We have powerful Call-to-Action templates that help you collect customer data and business leads.

What size of online audience does Stagecast support?

We can have up to 100.000 simultanous users on any activation. If more people try to join at the same time, they will be prompted to join in a litte bit later.

Can I upload custom competition terms to my activations?

Yes, you can upload custom competition terms to your activations in order to comply with your country’s rules for giveaways and online contests.

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