Women in Telia Company - Interactive Seminar

How to successfully engage an online audience of more than 700 people.

Collage Moment at Telia for Women Event (Images Blurred)

About the Case

Telia invites to a global online interactive event, celebrating UN’s Sustainable Development Goals with a focus on Gender Equality. Speaking at the webinar are bold men and women from the leading Swedish telco provider Telia Company, who are working towards smarter business and investing in women. The event was organised and produced by Telia Company. Stagecast was used to engage the audience and add interactive elements into the seminar - over 60% of the event participants participated in real time!

You can re-watch the Seminar recording here.

“[With the Stagecast Collage] I can see real faces - it's really nice to know that there are real people watching me!" 

Ina Buonaventsen Kummerfeldt, Webinar Moderator

Why Stagecast?

Stagecast helped to create new ways of employee engagement, gave every attendant the chance to have their voice heard and helped to activate the Telia CompanyBrand.

1. Audience & Employee Engagement

A new way to engage the audience - despite the travel and work restrictions posted by COVID-19 – over a large number of countries across Europe

2. Live interactions

With questions, votings and the collage, every participant had a chance to make their voice heard, turning viewers into participants!

3. Brand Activation

Stagecast helped turn spectators into participants, thereby, creating memories and foster brand awareness!

Women in Telia - Investing in Women, Interactive Seminar

Voting Moment

The Voting Moment was used several times throughout the webinar to visualize such facts as the gender distribution among the attendees, what country they were joining from and their motivation behind their attendance. Not only did this allow the attendees to actively vote for an answer they saw most applicable, but what the audience was presented with, eventually, was a live visualisation/ demonstration of the results.

Voting Moment at Telia for Women event

Collage Moment

The Collage Moment, a champion in the Moment gallery, has again been successfully applied by Telia Company. Many participants were following from their homes all across Europe - from the Scandinavian Countries to the Baltics and to the DACH Region. The Collage Moment allowed all participants to virtually gather, by collectively taking pictures of themselves and adding them to “the bigger picture”. Being spread across the continent might make taking a real group picture a tricky task - but the Collage Moment can help with that easily.

Collage Moment at Telia for Women Event (Images Blurred)

Questions Moment

Telia Company used this particular Moment in two interesting ways to encourage communication between the hosts and the audience. The Questions Moment was first launched each time a new speaker entered the podium and to allow the attendees/audience to directly pose their questions. In the course of the webinar, however, the participants were asked questions themselves, this time by the moderator who then responded to the anonymous answers. 

Questions Moment at Telia for Women Event

Stagecast Integration in Live Streams

The Stagecast Results page was displayed to all viewers in the live stream via the seminar software. The audience easily participated with their mobile phones and a Stagecast Event code.

Stagecast Setup at Telia for Women Event

Event Analytics

Stagecast enables data tracking of audience and brand activation. Event statistics as well as specific Moment statistics and participation rates are available on a finger tip. Of the 700 viewers of the seminar, over 400 (or 60%) participated in the Stagecast Moments!

Stagecast Event Analytics of Women in Telia Company Event

That was Stagecast at the Women in Telia Seminar. See you at the next event!