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With prizes, giveaways & loyalty programs that reward the most active and loyal participants.  

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Turn your activities into competitions & giveaways

Stagecast makes it easy to add prizes to your activities, helping you to increase engagement, activate partner brands and collect leads.

Whether you want to have a fierce competition or let everybody have a chance to win - we got you covered with the right win criteria.

Use prizes to activate partner & sponsor brands.
Automatically collect personal information of winners for prize fulfillment in Stagecast or link to your own CRM System.
Full control over the number of prizes given out.
Add custom competition terms with user opt-in
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Adding a prize to your activities increases engagement

10 x

More replays

Adding a prize to an activity increases the incentive to replay the activity by 10 times.

294 %

Lead generation

Participants are almost three times as likely to share their personal information when rewarded to do so.

Increase audience retention with a loyalty program

Encourage your audience to participate in many activities over time and reward the most loyal participants with a prize.

You can setup & customize different goals that participants have to reach in order to be part of a prize draw. Participants need to sign up with their e-mail address and can track their progress in real-time.

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Collect E-Mail addresses and personal information of participants.
Increase retention and build lasting relationships with your audience.
Customize the loyalty program with your own content & brand within seconds.

Choose the goals that fits your loyalty program

Participate in Activities

Choose how many activities your audience needs to join in order to complete this achievement.

Click on Links

Decide which website links your audience needs to visit in order to complete this achievement.

Reach Score

Configure how many points your audience needs to score in order to complete this achievement.

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