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How it works

Create an event on Stagecast
Engage your audience in real-time
Measure the results

Engage and activate your audience

Create meaningful activations and make your audience an integrated part of the live experience.

Turn passive viewers into active participants.
Increase traffic to your digital channels.
Elevate the experience before, during and after.
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Measure your experiential marketing success

Receive event specific insights on impressions, engagement and reach to help you estimate your marketing success.

Make sponsor brand activation trackable and measurable.
Facilitate estimation of ROI engagement and impressions.
Communicate and share your data insights.
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Increase your sponsorship and advertisement sales

Activate your audience, expose sponsorship brands and run advertisements.

Activate sponsorship brands.
Offer new advertisement & sponsorship products.
Convert your audience into online customers.
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We made it very easy for your audience to join

Stagecast in Browser

No app to promote! Simply direct your audience to to join Moments.

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A fast and simple way to get Stagecast
in your own app or website.

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Perfect for state-of-the-art experiential marketeers

Sports Events

Modern event engagement for modern Sports Events that elevates sponsor, fan and sports club satisfaction.

Live Streams

Interactive live streams that keep viewers engaged from start to finish.

Music Festivals & Shows

At Sweden's largest live entertainment event, Stagecast helped to light up Friends Arena for the whole nation to see.

What our customers think

“Stagecast helps us offer new fan engagement products to sponsors and generate revenue even despite the COVID-19 crisis.”

Tim Talhoff
, CEO Ice Hockey Club Freiburg (EHC Wölfe)

“Happy about the short setup time of Stagecast! Great product - I'm excited to use it again.”

Annette Bechtold, Marketing Management at DVS Volleyball Sport GmbH

“Audience Engagement is really important for Dreamhack and the entire eSports industry.”

Shahin Zarrabi
, Director of Digital Platform at DreamHack

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