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Live Polls

Create a poll and let your audience vote.

Whack a Mole

The faster participants click the images, the more points they collect. Participants are ranked in a leaderboard.

Photo Collage

Let your audience take selfies, which will be displayed in a branded photo collage.

Speed Quiz

Test your audience on a catalogue of questions. The faster they answer, the more points they earn. Participants are ranked in a leaderboard.

Simon Says

Challenge your audience to remember the pattern. Participants are ranked in a leaderboard.

Sketch Collage

Let your audience draw sketches, which will be displayed in a branded sketch collage.


Give everyone a chance to ask their questions, whether they’re on mute or too shy to speak up. People can ask anonymously.

Wheel of Fortune

Let your audience spin the wheel of fortune for a chance to win a prize. You set the odds.

Live Quiz

Test your audience on a catalogue of questions in real time. You decide when to display the next question. Participants are ranked in a leaderboard.

Treasure Hunt

Test your audience on a catalog of open-answer questions. If participants manage to find all answers, they may win a prize.

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Hybrid & Virtual Events

Stagecast takes your virtual event from a live stream to an interactive live experience - helping you to engage attendees and to create valuable sponsor brand activations.

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Stagecast increases interaction with your conference visitors and partners - helping you to engage attendees and to create valuable sponsor brand activations.

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Meetings & Corporate Events

Turn your silent employees into engaged participants and make everyone feel connected – whether you’re running all-hands meetings, online trainings, virtual off-sites or team calls.

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Webinars & Teaching

Stagecast takes your webinars, seminars, online & offline lessons from a one-way monologue to an interactive experience - helping you to engage your attendees and to create lasting learning experiences.

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Community Activation

Create branded social media activities that increase content engagement and convert followers to business leads.

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Partnership Activation

Stagecast Activations equips you and your partners with new & powerful sponsorship products that engage your fans and drive business results for your sponsors.

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“Stagecast gives my virtual events purpose, encourages team building, and adds entertainment value.”

Arthur Kerekes,
Founder & CEO 
Fusion Events

"Stagecast is our go-to tool to activate our fans and our sponsors.”

Steffen Wienhold
Head of Communication & Media at S.Oliver Würzburg

“With Stagecast I create cross-channel gamification marketing campaigns that convert.”

Annika Gehlen
Senior Account Manager (Apollo 18)

“With Stagecast we run interactive meetings, workshops and events and make our company more inclusive.”

Emmy Tompson,
HR Manager

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