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A selection of Stagecast Moments

When to use the Moment

Use the Collage Moment to bridge that waiting time before a show. All you need is a screen that is seen by the audience.

How the Moment works

The Collage Moment  creates a massive mosaic picture of your audience. You can even add branded images to the collage!

When to use the Moment

Dim the lights in the venue and see your audience sparkle with the Flash Moment during a performance!

How the Moment works

Simply set the flash interval and see the phone’s flashes light up automatically or let the audience

When to use the Moment

Use the Voting Moment to involve your audience in the show! How about letting the audience vote for the favorite player of a match or what encore to perform after a concert?

How the Moment works

A good old multiple choice voting - with instant result delivery and an option to brand the result page.

When to use the Moment

Selling is all about timing! The Merchandise Moment helps you advertise your goodies at exactly the right time - after the show, when your visitors are in awe.

How the Moment works

The Merchandise Moment lets you advertise a product in the Stagecast Timeline. Add a link to an online store and the store will open right in the Moment through a web view.

When to use the Moment

Use the Welcome Moment on a large screen when your audience enters the venue and make them feel extra-special welcomed!

How the Moment works

The Welcome Moment lets the audience post short messages to a screen and interact with them in real time!

We are constantly creating new, exciting experiences for audience engagement.
Check out a full list of our currently available Moments here:

How to use Stagecast at your event

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