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Create and measure
fan activation

with interactive Quizzes, Flash Light Shows,
Votings, Photo Collages and so much more!
We call these activations "Moments".

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Stagecast in 3 easy steps

1. Simply choose
your Moments

Design and customize fan activations, called Moments, in the Stagecast launchpad.

Create unique fan experiences
Integrate brand partnerships in Moments
Schedule and plan your fan activations in advance or manage it during the event.
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2. Engage your audience

Empower your audience and elevate the event experience prior, during and after.

Extend the duration of your event
Make your audience co-creators of the events
Activate your brand partnerships in an authentic and engaging way
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3. Measure the engagement

Receive event specific insights on impressions, engagement and ROI (on selected Moments)

Quantify and measure your activations
Customize the insights on Moment or event level
Export your insights
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We made it super simple for your audience to join

Alternative 1
1. Enter Event Code
2. Waiting for a Moment
3. Duel Moment is online

Stagecast in Browser

No app to promote! Simply direct your audience to

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2. Waiting for a Moment
3. Duel Moment is online

Stagecast App

A free event app with a live event feed
and push notification service.

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Alternative 3
1. Enter Event Code
2. Waiting for a Moment
3. Duel Moment is online

Stagecast Integration

A fast and simple way to get Stagecast
in your own app or website

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What Customers think

“Stagecast is a game changer. In a couple of years, it will be unthinkable that organizers did not have the possibility to interact with their audience by using the mobile phones.”

Tyler Crowley, Founder of Stockholm Tech Fest

“Stagecast is a great way to activate the Telia brand.”

Claus Berthou Madsen, 
Senior Project Manager 
at Telia Denmark

“Audience Engagement is really important for Dreamhack and the entire eSports industry.”

Shahin Zarrabi
, Director of Digital Platform at DreamHack

Perfect for top sports teams,
first-class music events and state-of-the-art venues

Sports Events

Modern event engagement for modern Sports Events that elevates sponsor, fan and sports club satisfaction.

Music Festivals & Shows

At Sweden's largest live entertainment event, Stagecast helped to light up Friends Arena for the whole nation to see.

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