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Connect with your fans. Moment by Moment.

A visitor’s event experience starts much before and ends way after the actual visit. Do you know that pre-game euphoria? Or the after-show excitement? Stagecast is all about that. There are Moments for every part of the experience: Before, during and after an event!

Before the Event

During the Event

After the Event

Before the Event

Build a hype. 
Before the hype.

Telegram Moment

Send an exclusive message to all visitors attending your event. The perfect time to remind them of what to bring or to give them the extra attention they sure deserve!
Collage Moment

Let your audience take over a screen at the venue! The Collage Moment let’s all users take pictures, then posts each one to a collage on that screen. What a nice way to welcome everyone and to bridge a time gap!
Video Moment

What’s more personal than receiving an exclusive welcoming video? We cannot think of another. The Video Moment lets you send a video to all event goers.

During the Event

Turn your visitors into participants, too!

Color Moment

All screens in the crowd display colors in an order you set up. Turn your crowd into a sea of colors! Suddenly - fans are not only spectators, they are part of the light show, too.
Flash Moment

Fans switch on their flashlight by a simple tap on the screen. It’s that sitting- under-an-open-sky-at-night feeling. Reversed!
Filter Moment

The Filter Moment lets you display a filter on the user’s camera during a special moment during the show. It's a great way to steer the camera use of the audience! No more fomo for the fan and therefore - no more holding up phones all the time.

After the Event

Bid Farewell.
In style.

Spotify Moment

Provide your audience with the perfect tune to remember the show on their way home.  Simply send out a Spotify playlist or the link to your Spotify profile and swoosh - there it is - the perfect way to see your fans off!
Notelet Moment

Say good-bye in style. Or maybe already say hello to the next event - with a picture. Just send out that image and give your fans something nice to look back at or already look forward to!? How about a signed picture or maybe a photo of your view from up the stage you took during the show?
Social Moment

What perfect timing! Turn your offline audience into online followers right after the event. Send your followers a one-hit-to-follow-me button right to their Stagecast timeline. You’re welcome!

The Launchpad.
Fast. Easy. Reliable.

Creating participative events has never been easier! Simply add Moments to your launchpad. When you launch the Moments on the web platform, they appear on all phones in your audience. Easy.