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Solve the Bomb

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Soccer Click Challenge

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Online Pub Quiz

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Use Stagecast games to activate brands, generate leads or simply break the ice in your meetings & events. With powerful gamification features like leaderboards, prizes & loyalty programs, your audience is guaranteed to be engaged.

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Speed Quiz

Multiple choice polls let you determine opinions quickly by letting people vote on predefined options. Gather responses, thoughts, opinions, and other data. Add pictures and gifs for additional engagement.

Whack a Mole

Display top answers in a word cloud. Words that appear multiple times become larger. Use Word clouds as conversation starters in meetings and trainings to really engage your audience.

Simon Says

Ask participants to rank items based on their importance or preference. Ranking polls help to identify relevant topics, opinions or pressing issues and help to make better decisions.

Spining Wheel

Collect ideas, feedback or responses to a topic of choice and show results on the presenter view. Participants reply with an open text answer.

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Mikael Lenart, People Engagement Producer

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