4 ways to boost learning with gamification in your webinars

How can you use gamification to boost learning outcomes in your webinars?

Jonas Hermann
September 14, 2021
People are better at focusing, concentrating longer, and enjoying the learning experience more when tasks are turned into games through scoring & competitions. Let’s take a look at 4 ways gamification directly impacts the learning outcomes of your webinars.

1. Gamification boosts engagement

As most teachers will tell, engagement is one of the most important components of successful education. When students are engaged, they focus in class, learn quickly, and remember what they learned. Students who aren’t engaged often leave a session feeling like they’ve learned little or nothing.

Especially in online education, focusing on engagement and interaction is key - a student, who is personally invested in your webinar, is an engaged learner. Try to apply this concept to you webinar by consistently involving the audience into your webinar and make it a two-way conversation rather than a one-way monologue.

2. Gamification drives motivation & provides milestones

Gaming breaks learning down into manageable chunks, each rewarded immediately for completion. 

Games-based education emphasizes completing short quizzes rather than studying chapters and taking a single examination over the course of a term or month. This structure works way better with the ways our brains work and produces better results. Thereby, gamification in learning supports a sense of capability, accomplishment, and accountability within students. With consistent progress and increasing mastery, learners' confidence and competence grow along with it.

Use many small quizzes and activities to apply learnings from small chapters throughout your webinar, rather than having one big test at the end of a session.

3. Gamification enables positive competition

With few exceptions, it seems to be a fundamental fact of human nature that, when given an opportunity to measure progress or success, most people compare it to what others accomplish. Gamification capitalizes on this phenomenon by providing upfront, transparent measures of progress and success.

The benefits of competition include improved teamwork, enhanced social learning, increased intrinsic motivation, a growth mindset, and better self-assessment of progress and abilities. All of these lead to better performance on the lesson materials and often to better general performance in life.

Add small, friendly competitions in your webinar and, if you can, even add some fun prizes for the winners. That way, you pave the way for a friendly competition.

4. Gamification enhances retention

Retention is the holy grail of learning. If students can’t remember their learnings, their performance in class, how engaged they appear to be or even what score they earned on an exam becomes worthless. Unless they can recall the lesson material outside of class, the class did little to help them.

Gamification offers low-stakes assessments early in the learning process, which substantially improves student retention of material even  years after taking the class.

Use Stagecast activities to bring gamification to your webinars

Stagecast enables you to use all these benefits of gamifications in your webinars. With easy to setup and measurable student activities, like quizzes, votings and other games. Try it for yourself! You can even find some Webinar templates to get started here

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