Interview with Ulf Thaler

An Interview with Ulf Thaler – official Stagecast Reseller & Expert in the DACH and Benelux Region

August 4, 2020
Ulf Thaler is CEO of the marketing agency Kauri Spirit and acts as a Stagecast reseller in the DACH and Benelux region. In an interview, he tells us what advantages Stagecast offers to his customers, such as 1. FC Nürnberg or Rhein-Neckar Löwen.

How did you get into sports marketing?

I was an active athlete myself. I played handball for many years, so my affinity for sports in general has always been there. So naturally, when we repositioned ourselves as Kauri Spirit we decided to go more into sports marketing and luckily got to know Stagecast.

Is the sports industry open to innovation?

I believe in sports it is easy to introduce something innovative. People are looking for “the next cool thing to get fans excited”. Especially because of the current situation with COVID-19, I observe that clubs are looking for something new. However, I would not only see Stagecast in sports. Interactivity with a fan base and inclusion of digital moments is also relevant for other event formats.

So, are classic forms of advertising no longer sufficient?

Classic advertising platforms, such as advertising boards, must and will continue to exist. But, as we all know, almost all of the visitors at an event have their smartphones with them. And for that, it is important to go with the time and have an alternative way of exposing advertiser’s brands. Moreover, as the world of live sponsoring is going in a down round due to COVID-19, advertisers are increasingly looking for ways of advertising that lead to measurable results. And who can really tell what the impact of a logo on the side of the jersey is?

“A good mix of digital and physical sponsoring assets is the way to go for modern live marketers.”

What are the benefits of Stagecast that attracted you to become a reseller?

I see it from three perspectives: The fan, the sponsor, and the organizer.

Fans have an even better connection to their favorite club by interacting in real-time with other fans and the club. That means I achieve an extremely high fan affinity by offering content diversity through different Moments.

The sponsor is advertised and activated much more intuitively and relevantly as brands can be integrated into the live experience in a way that creates value for the fans. A win-win for fans and brands alike.

In addition, the entire Stagecast tool is measurable. How many active users were reached, what was the conversion rate? These are all interesting analysis points to measure brand activation success. Also, I can integrate it anywhere and generate traffic on the sponsors' platforms – Apps, Websites, Social Media, you name it. This way, new audiences are reached and fans are converted to “CRM fans”.

“Also,  sponsors are not only present during, but also before, after, and even between events through Stagecast Moments. This enables extended interaction between fans and sponsors and generates an insane amount of engagement.”

Finally,  what does the club get out of it? Of course, the club profits from a better fan experience and new sponsoring opportunities. But the best part – Stagecast as a sponsoring asset adds directly to the bottom line of the clubs, helping them to increase revenues.

All these points got me really interested in Stagecast as a tool. I believe now is the right time to bring innovation to the world of sports marketing and I am happy to contribute an important part – flawless execution. Because, in the end, Stagecast is a tool and it still needs to be used in the right way. Teaching decision-makers in the industry how to achieve all the advantages I mentioned above, is a real joy for me!

How do you help organizers to get started with Stagecast?

Stagecast has a great CMS System that makes it really easy to shape the Moments according to the needs of clubs.

“We often receive feedback on how simple Stagecast is to use as a platform.”

So, usually, I only have a short introductory meeting with our clients to understand their goals, their marketing mix, and their technical setup.  After, I teach customers how they can use the platform themselves or – if they want – offer them to create all the Moments & content as well as a technical integration in their own channels for them as a full-service offer. I even help with custom campaign & content development and help to create new offers shaped specifically for specific sponsors & partners of the clubs. See here what we did for our customers 1. FC Nürnberg and Rhein-Neckar Löwen.

Thank you, Ulf Thaler, for taking the time to chat with us about your work with Stagecast. We are really happy to call you a partner as a Stagecast reseller & expert and are looking forward to continuing the great work. To many more memorable Moments together!

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