Interview with Steffen Wienhold from s.Oliver Würzburg

An Interview with Steffen Wienhold, head of communication & media at s.Oliver Würzburg – Bundesliga Basketball Club in Germany

Jonas Hermann
May 29, 2021
On a daily basis, Steffen is taking care of the cross-media communication of news and partner activations of the s.Oliver Würzburg Basketball club. ‍‍In an Interview, he explains how s.Oliver Würzburg uses Stagecast to increase fan and sponsoring value.

How has COVID-19 changed your marketing efforts?

We became more digital. However, that was already the trend before the pandemic. Now, the awareness - or shall we say "the need" for it - has also reached many who were previously cautious.

What new opportunities for digital sponsorship do you offer your partners?

We have created many new digital opportunities since the beginning of the pandemic. We are now offering our hall booklet digitally and our weekly podcast offers space for sponsoring. We are also providing regular digital pre-game talks - presented by two partners. Moreover, we are planning to launch a barrier-free match day club radio, soon. And of course - with Stagecast we provide digital fan activities & challenges that are powered by our partners.

"We share Stagecast activities via all of our digital channels. But not only digitally, also on the LED board in the arena!"

How does Stagecast help you provide fan engagement and increase partnership value?

Stagecast offers fans the possibility to get close to our club in a very easy and playful way. Fans get to know our club history better through quiz questions, for example, or find out interesting facts about our players. But the fans are not only getting to know us better, we are also able to introduce our partners in a playful and natural way - our fans now know, for example, how many apprenticeship positions are available at the Spindler dealership group or what type of cars they offer for sale.

How do you share Stagecast across your media channels?

After we create and start a Stagecast activity on the Stagecast launchpad, we share the Stagecast link on all our digital channels for fans to join. But not only digitally, also on the LED board in the stadium we have drawn attention to fans. We are excited to bring back the fans into the arena and with Stagecast, connect our online and offline audience in the future. On our social media channels, we love how Stagecast helps us bring an extra dose of gamification to our content.

Thank you for chatting with us, Steffen. It's great to play in the same team as you!

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