8 Tips to create better quizzes

Use these tips to create more engaging, effective and overall better quizzes with Stagecast.

Jonas Hermann
January 18, 2022
Who does not love quizzes? Quizzes are the most widely adopted way of engaging an audience. Everyone seems to love to test their knowledge and compete in a good ol' quiz competition. But quizzes can also be valuable tools to gather feedback, create culture and ignite conversations.

In this blog post, you will learn 6 tips on how to improve your quizzing skills and make sure your Stagecast quizzes are on point!

Tip 1: Contextualize your quiz 

Sure, people like taking quizzes about “common knowledge” and test themselves on the “the greatest 90s sitcoms”'. But what truly drives engagement is contextualized quizzes: Make a quiz about the hobbies of all co-workers or the history of your company. Add some “common knowledge” questions here and there and voila, you have created an engaging quiz!

Tip 2: Use the right type of quiz for the right occasion

A “quiz” is a collective term used for all sorts of different answer-response activities. But the truth is, there are different types of quizzes and using the right type of quiz for your specific occasion is of utmost importance for the success of the engagement of your audience.

For example, on Stagecast you find a “Speed Quiz” and a “Live Quiz”. While the Live Quiz is a moderated, live experience where all participants see the same question at the same time, the “Speed Quiz” is a quiz that can be played asynchronously and independently from the other participants. In both quiz types, the audience is ranked on a leaderboard and the faster they answer each question, the more points they collect. However, the Speed Quiz is over only when the countdown ran out and the Live Quiz is over when the moderator asked the last question.

Choose the Live Quiz if you have a live audience that follows your meeting, stream or event and you have control over the moderation and choose a Speed Quiz if you want to engage your audience over a longer period of time and have people play the quiz on their own terms, e.g. after a meeting, as a weekly internal competition or part of a larger activation campaign.

Tip 3: Show the leaderboard to create competition

In a recent blog post, we described the effects of competition on engagement. Compared to non-competitive games, quizzes in which users can compare and improve their performance in a leaderboard, competition-based quizzes see an average increase in engagement by almost 1000%! So, use that human drive to compete to your advantage and engage your audience in your quizzes!

Activating the leaderboard is just one click away on the setup page of the Speed Quiz and Live Quiz.

Tip 4: Add incentives to participate 

Let’s say you don’t know your participants too well and you would like to add some extra incentives for them to participate. Sometimes, we just have to force people to their luck.

We have shown that adding small giveaways, prizes or rewards to the winner of a quiz increases engagement by almost 400%.

In Stagecast, you can add prizes to your quizzes and make sure your audience is hyped to participate. There are extra ressources for you to explore to learn all about how to add prizes to quizzes.  

Tip 5: Add images to your quiz questions

We have all heard the old saying “a picture says more than a 1000 words”. And especially in a quiz, where people want to answer quickly, every word counts. But not only do images help you communicate more effectively, they are also a great way to increase learning retention and recallability.

Tip 7: Use quizzes to drive traffic, generate leads or collect feedback

We all need feedback to grow. We all need traffic on our channels to reach an audience and we all want to collect leads for future business. But, as we know, we can't just ask people for either of these things. Have you ever asked people to “fill out that feedback form” after an online meeting or begged to visit your website and learn more about your products or services? It just does not work.

Instead, use quizzes to get people excited and then politely ask them to do you a favor. With Stagecat Call-To-Actions, you can do just that: After people participate in your quizzes, you can customize a Call-To-Action of your choice. “Thanks for participating today, if you liked it, why don’t you fill out this quiz feedback form?”. When people already have their phones out and just engaged in a personalized quiz made by you, they are 3 times more likely to act on your request. Learn more about Stagecast Call-To-Actions here.

Tip 8: Keep it simple

Short questions. Short Text answers. Keep it to three answer options. No-one likes to scroll and read more than needed, especially not when timed. Keep it simple.

There you have it: 7 Tips to create better quizzes. What tip did you find most useful? Get started fast with Stagecast quizzes and choose one of many quiz templates.

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