7 brilliant ideas for your digital Christmas party

Make your digital Christmas party interactive and bring people together despite a distance.

Jonas Hermann
November 24, 2020
The festive season is just around the corner and with it come obligatory corporate Christmas parties, Afterworks, and other social gatherings - this year, however, things are not going to be taking place as we are used to. But - going digital - does that mean we have to miss out on all the fun, too?

Definitely not! In this article you will find 7 ways to use Stagecast Moments that help you turn your digital Christmas party into one that will never be forgotten. You will learn about how to use the following Moments in a digital Christmas event: 

  • Collage Moment
  • Sketch Collage Moment
  • Classic Quiz Moment
  • Speed Challenge Moment
  • Treasure Hunt Moment
  • Voting Moment
  • Spinning Wheel Moment

1. The Collage Moment

Christmas Photo Collage with the Stagecast Collage Moment

The Collage Moment - an all-time classic. An evergreen. The godfather of all Moments. It's simple, yet as engaging as little else: Users can take a selfie, add a branded filter as well as a personal text message and upload it right onto your event live stream, Zoom meeting or even appear on that venue screen you set up behind the moderator. Simple. Effective. Fun. The Collage Moment.

2. The Sketch Collage Moment

Christmas Sketch Collage with the Stagecast Sketch Collage Moment

The newest member of the Stagecast Moment family - the Sketch Collage Moment. For the more creative teams, a true blessing from the Christmas skies! Ask your audience to submit sketches to a topic of your choice, like "show us what first comes to your mind when you think of Christmas" or "draw your Christmas tree" and make them add their name to the sketches. It's a great way to give away Christmas presents to the most creative members of your audience or to engage your participants in quirky conversations around their drawings!

Test the Sketch Collage!

3. The Classic Quiz Moment

Christmas Quiz with the Stagecast Classic Quiz Moment

Oh no! We all hate to admit it, yet we all love doing it. How can quizzes be so engaging?! Maybe it has something to do with the fact that we all want to prove our extensive knowledge base to one another. Well, please make use of it and quiz your coworkers, fans or audience through a self-made Christmas quiz. The faster they answer each question, the more points they collect. And just to make it even more irresistible: Every user is ranked on the leaderboard for a chance to win a prize when the countdown runs out. Happy quizzing, everyone!

Test the Classic Quiz!

4. The Speed Challenge Moment

Christmas Speed Challenge with the Speed Challenge Moment

Sometimes, all your digital Christmas party needs is ACTION! Wake up your viewers and pump some good ole adrenaline through their veins with the Speed Challenge Moment. Pictures pop up on the phone and the users have to click as many as they can before the timer runs out. Everyone is ranked in the leaderboard for a chance to win a prize before the countdown runs out. Hurry up! So many pictures to click, so little time!

Test the Speed Challenge!

5. The Treasure Hunt Moment

Christmas Treasure Hunt with the Stagecast Treasure Hunt Moment

Open-answered questions. Only those who solve all questions get a chance to win a prize. Sounds simple...but oh boy, let us tell you! The Treasure Hunt is the perfect way to incentivise or gamify listening through longer stretches of speeches, company announcements or to test your audience on a yearly company review. Just share this Treasure Hunt with your audience and tell them that those participants who stay for the entire duration of the event will be able to solve all questions and win a prize. Boom. No one leaves the event early. Everyone pays full attention!

Test the Treasure Hunt!

6. The Voting Moment

Christmas Voting with the Stagecast Voting Moment

"A simple voting?", you might say ... "That's so 2009!", you might say. "I got enough polls, word-clouds and feedbacks to fill out during the year, I don't need it when I want to have fun", you might say. And fair enough! We hear you loud and clear. But hear us out: A simple voting is a powerful way to engage the audience and give them a way to contribute to the event. No, it should not be a central part of your digital production, BUT: Use it wisely to create fun conversations, workshops or interactive DJ sessions and voilá you made your audience a co-producer of your event.

7. The Spinning Wheel Moment

Christmas Spinning Wheel with the Stagecast Spinning Wheel Moment

Last but not least, the Spinning Wheel Moment. An audience activation that has existed ever since people tried to engage passing visitors on fairs. Don't we all love to get lucky? It's so simple: Spin the wheel for a chance to win a Christmas present. Didn't win? Try again! Simple. But it works.

There you have it: 7 ways to create engaging Christmas party activations for your digital Christmas event. Did not find what you were looking for? We got many more Moments on the Stagecast platform. Why don't you take a look around? See you at the next event!

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