Engage fans and sponsors alike with your fan app

Engage fans and activate sponsorship brands by integrating Stagecast into your fan app.

Jonas Hermann
August 16, 2020
A great digital presence and fan app adds value to the audiences’ experience while activating your sponsors' brands. Stagecast is here to help you create engaging content for sponsors and fans alike and to measure your marketing success.

In this article you will learn how Stagecast helps you to...

1) Capture the Attention of Users and Create Engagement on a Regular Basis
2) Offer Brand Activation Opportunities to Sponsors
3) Easily Manage Fan Activations with the Stagecast CMS

Capture the attention of users and engage them on a regular basis

Stagecast offers a wide variety of Fan activations - so called Stagecast Moments - that can be integrated into your fan app within a few, simple steps. You can choose from Moments like a Quizzes, Treasure Hunts, Spinning Wheels, and many, many more. All these Moments provide great value to your users and keep them engaged over time. One week, you might do a sponsor-powered Quiz challenge through your fan app, the next you provide prizes through a spinning wheel activation: You never run out of content!

Now, why is content variety and user engagement so important for your app? 

Nir Eyal, the author of the book “Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products” and former Lecturer in Marketing at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and Design School, describes in his Hook Model the four-step process companies use to build customer habits. Going through this process consecutively brings users back to the product repeatedly without having to use costly advertising or aggressive messaging.

Source: https://www.nirandfar.com/download/hooked-workbook.pdf

An important part of the hooked method is using a powerful cognitive quirk, called a variable schedule of rewards. Companies can provide variable rewards to their customers by offering constant novelty. Every time a user opens your app he should find a fresh list of content. This “hunt” to find new content is what gets users hooked - and that is precisely what Stagecast Moments help you achieve. With a variety of Moments, your users will find novel content in your app on a regular basis - content that will make users come back to your app and eventually create habits.

Offer new ways of Sponsors brand activation

With the Stagecast integration, you can offer your sponsors new ways of brand activation in your app. Easily integrate brands & logos into Moments with a few clicks to activate sponsorships and sell such brand exposure to your event partners. For example, let your sponsor’s logo be seen by everyone through a branded collage Moment or a Quiz where your audience can win a prize, provided by your sponsor. This creates incentives for users to participate and use your app and integrates sponsors in a natural way.

See here how Stagecast was integrated into the Gameday App for Åhus Beach. Åhus engaged beach volleyball fans with the Classic Quiz Moment every Friday!

Easy setup within CMS

All these Moments can be integrated into your app with an easy Content Management System (CMS) as a source for your content. This is where you, for example, set the questions for the fan quiz Moment or the Prizes that can be won in a Spinning Wheel challenge. In this CMS, you can also easily add logos & colors to activate sponsorship brands!

“It is a great product to work with. Stagecast is very flexible and offers customized solutions for Gameday and the teams and clubs we work with.”

Marcus Heed, Content Manager at Gameday

See here how the Swedish National Handball Federation integrated Stagecast into their Gameday app to engage their fans with a weekly Quiz even when no games took place. Or learn how to integrate Stagecast into your app in a simple and fast way.

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