The three most effective principles to engage and activate your audience

What we learned works best by analyzing millions of data points

Jonas Hermann
February 25, 2021
We live in an age of content abundance. On facebook alone, over 3.000 years of video content is uploaded each day¹. A trend that is growing - while Spotify’s 8 Million content creators upload about 5 years of media content each day, Spotify expects to have more than 50 Million content creators on their platform by 2025². But with so many creators fighting for attention, how can rights holders, employers, podcasters, sponsors, and influencers cut through the buzz and engage their audience around their message? Today, we share with you the three most effective principles that create audience engagement.

With millions of data points, we at Stagecast have learned how to create engagement and what it is that keeps consumers’ attention. We identified three principles that particularly boost audience engagement:

  • Turn Viewers Into Participants
  • Create Competitions
  • Add Incentives

1. Turn Viewers Into Participants

Community is defined as a collection of people who interact with one another in the same environment. What creates such a community is not the group itself, but the interactions within it⁴. A community produces a feeling of belonging, which is a massive driver for engagement.

A great example for this principle are platforms like Twitch or Clubhouse. These platforms are built entirely around the participation principle. By allowing interaction between the content creator and its audience, viewers are turned into participants - with huge success: While Youtube viewers watch an average of 42 minutes of content daily, Twitch users watch 95 minutes per day, on average⁷. That is an increased engagement rate of over 220%!

Graph 1: Effects of Participation vs. Non-Participation based communication on Engagement

Stagecast allows you to take this principle and apply it to all your channels and platforms - not just Twitch or Clubhouse. 

For example, with the Questions Moment, Collage Moment, the Sketch Collage Moment or the Voting Moment you can turn your viewers into participants no matter on what channel you reach them - facebook, Live Streams, Newsletters, in-App, Podcasts or all of them at the same time. Simply share the Stagecast link in your channel and turn your audience into participants!

You can find many participation-based Moments on Stagecast, Polls, Selfie Collages, Q&As and much more!

2. Create Competitions

Why not use the human drive to compete to your advantage? Competitions and gamification are one of the most effective ways to create an engaged audience.

Analyzing thousands of activations via Stagecast, we can put the competition effect into engagement numbers. Compared to none-competitive games, activations in which users can compare and improve their performance in a global leaderboard, competition-based activations see an average increase in engagement by almost 1000%³!

In the example graph below, the same audience played a 5-question quiz, once with an Stagecast leaderboard quiz and several weeks later a quiz without the chance to improve their score. The results speak for themselves. On average, the audience answered almost 10 times as many questions in the competition-based quiz activation. 

Graph 2: Effects of Competition based vs. Non-Competiton based activation on engagement

We have made it incredibly easy for you to create audience competitions with Stagecast. For example, with the Classic Quiz, the Speed Challenge or the Memory Challenge, your audience is ranked in a live leaderboard, they can compare themselves to the other players and improve their score for a chance to make it to the top!

There are many competitions on Stagecast: Quizzes, Memory Challenges, Speed Challenges and more!

3. Add Incentives

We all love to win. Especially, if a prize is on display. Adding prizes and giveaways to your activations is one of the best ways to keep your audience active and engaged over time⁵.

Providing prizes in activations can quadruple the participation rate of your audience (results heavily depend on the used channel, prize and audience). Moreover, prizes offer a very natural way to activate partnership brands, sponsors and advertisers and help to communicate the value of a product or service in a natural way. 

Graph 3: Effects of Added Incentives vs. No-Added Incentives on Participation & Engagement

On Stagecast, you can easily add prizes to your activations and manage the distribution thereof in the activation itself! 

To many Stagecast activations, you can easily add prizes and give-aways!

There you have it: Three principles that will help you create audience engagement. Did not find what you were looking for? We got many more articles in the Stagecast blog. Why don't you take a look around?


³Data in this article are compiled based on actual customer cases with the use of Stagecast AB Software. Names of customers and detailed information are subject of data privacy agreements.
⁴Book -The Art of Community: Building the New Age of Participation by Jono Bacon
⁵Article - Does Gamification Work? - A Literature Review of Empirical Studies on Gamification by Hamari, Koivisto & Sarsa

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