Mercedes-Benz branded Quiz activated over 350.000 eSports Fans

How the Classic Quiz Moment was used at one of the world's largest eSports events.

60sec Case Summary Video

About the Case

Mercedes Benz is one of the largest sponsors in the world of eSports. Mercedes chose Stagecast to activate their brand in one of the world's largest eSports events with the Classic Quiz Moment.

As eSports fanatics, we at Stagecast were honored to be chosen for such a world-class production and to activate the fans. With success! Within 21 game days, over 350.000 fans played over 3.7 Million Stagecast quizzes and answered over 23 Million eSports related questions.

Why Stagecast?

Modern sponsoring is all about adding value to the fan experience rather than just showing a logo - for 21 days, and 10 hours a day, Stagecast helped Mercedes Benz achieve just that, with an interactive quiz during the official Twitch broadcast.

1. Fan Engagement

During every game day, fans participated in an interactive fan quiz and with a bit of luck, won an in-game prize for their efforts. Fans competed on the leaderboard and were able to improve their score in order to climb up the ranks.

2. Brand Activation

The quiz was entirely Mercedes branded - with unique design elements that were easily uploaded on the Stagecast quiz config page. Fans were also prompted with a pop-up that encouraged to visit the Mercedes website.

Creating massive fan engagement with the Classic Quiz Moment - a step-by-step guide

Step 1: Setting up the Classic Quiz Moment

The Stagecast Classic Quiz was setup on the platform with the graphical assets of Mercedes Benz & the eSports event as well as 60 eSports-related questions. Texts, headline images, color schemes, question and game setting can all be changed online and on the fly on the Stagecast config. page with simple drop-down menus and drag & drop uploads.

Step 1: The Classic Quiz Moment was created on the Stagecast platform

Step 2: Sharing & Broadcast Activation

After the Moment was created on the Stagecast Launchpad, the Stagecast Event Code was shared as a QR code and as a simple direct link through Twitter as well as Twitch. No matter from where fans joined, they all participated in the same Quiz. The QR Code activation screen was typically shown in the live stream in-between games, while the Twitter Link was pinned to the top of the Mercedes Twitter page during the duration of the event.

Step 2: Users joined via Twitter and Twitch

Step 3: Daily Fan Activation & Prizes

On every event day, during every hour, fans competed to be among the top 450 players in the quiz leaderboard. At the end of each hour, the top 450 players received a pop-up that allowed them to claim a prize.

The faster the players answered the quiz questions correctly, the more points they collected. They could replay the quiz as often as they liked in order to improve the score on the leaderboard, which created a massive engagement around the quiz. Within 21 days, over 23 Million quiz questions were answered and over 9000 prizes were claimed!

Step 3: Fans participated in the quiz and won prizes!

Step 4: Call to Action and Event Analytics

After each Quiz, users were invited to find out more about the latest Mercedes offer and were directed to the Mercedes Website via a Call-To-Action pop-up. Over 14.000 users visited the Mercedes Website via this Call-To-Action pop-up in the Quiz.

During the entire duration of 21 gamedays, over 350.000 users participated in the quiz, they played a total of 3.7 Million quizzes and answered an astounding 23 Million quiz questions! Thereby, the Mercedes Quiz created over 33 Million logo impressions for Mercedes-Benz. All that data is easily available on the Stagecast Event Analytics.

Step 4: Call-to-Action and Event Analytics

That was Stagecast at one of the world's largest eSports events. Big shout-out to our friends at Apollo18 for the excellent collaboration! See you at the next event.