How Sweden’s largest live production used Stagecast Moments to level up the event.

About the event

Melodifestivalen - often referred to as “Mello” - is an annual song competition co-produced by the Swedish Television (SVT), Live Nation AB and Blixten & Company. The winning artist of Mello goes on to represent Sweden in the yearly Eurovision Song Contest.

Mello has been produced since 1958 and with about half of the Swedish population watching the final show each year, Mello is Sweden’s largest and most popular entertainment event.

Why Stagecast

Stagecast helped Melodifestivalen 2019 to overcome some of the event’s stunning challenges and to produce a magnificent experience for their visitors.

1. Bridging Waiting Time

The audience of roughly 28.000 people arrived one hour before the live broadcast of the event started. Stagecast helped Mello to create engagement and overcome waiting time for the masses.

2. Creating Interaction and Memorability

Mello is known as one of Scandinavia’s best produced events. Stagecast helped Melodifestivalen to stay on the pulse of time and create a truly stunning and memorable live experience by giving the audience a stake in the show.

3. Brand Activation:

With the help of Stagecast Moments, Melodifestivalen has found a new way to activate their own and the producer’s brands.


1. Bridging Waiting Time

The Voting Moment was used during Förtimme of Melodifestivalen - the hour before the actual TV broadcast of the show. With the Voting Moment at hand, Mello was well equipped to keep their visitors entertained during the waiting time.

The Voting Moment was used twice - The results were shown live on stage as the votes dropped in and the moderator used the information to nag the audience!

2. Creating Interaction and Memorability

Mello is all about their colorful stage shows and exciting interpretations of their songs. The Flash Moment and Color Moment beautifully extended the stage scenery into the crowd and turned spectators into participants.

During the winner’s song "Too Late For Love" by John Lundvik, the Flash Moment was synched to the Song’s BPS and lit up the stadium!

During the final dance choreography of the show, called “Mellanakten”, the performance was about the loneliness we can perhaps sometimes feel today due to social media.

One of the dancers received a Color Moment live on Stage to symbolize his connection to the people and to emphasize that we are all the same.

3. Brand Activation

The Voting Moment, Color Moment and Flash Moment offered Mello exciting ways to not only activate Sponsorship but also Producer’s brands.

With the Stagecast Pro account, logos are easily added to each Moment and presented to the used in a non-intrusive way. That way Mello managed to activate their brands while delivering value, fun and memorable moments to the audience.

How it was done

Technical Triggering Setup

Mello used Stagecas’s Pro Account features in order to bring Moments to their audience.  

The Live Nation and SVT Social Media teams launched Moments using the scheduling functionality for the Telegram and Picture Moments and during the performance, Flash as well as Color Moments were triggered using the Stagecast LTC/MIDI Interface.

Stagecast Integration

Melodifestivalen already has an application that is used to communicate and collect information for the audience, called Melfest Live-Appen. Stagecast delivered the Stagecast Timeline SDK to Greencopper - supplier of the Melfest Live App - and thereby easily integrated Stagacast into the Melfest Live app. Only one app to download for the audience, yet all Stagecast Moments available for Mello!

Audience Activation

Guiding the attention of 28.000 people synchronously is not an easy task.

Besides push notifications, the audience was notified to participate in the Stagecast Moments through a simple animation displayed on the stage screens. That way, Melodifestivalen easily activated over fifty percent of app users to use the Moments at the same time and thereby turned spectators into participants!