Digitization of sponsoring assets

If not now, when?

Jonas Hermann
July 13, 2020
There is no doubt: The COVID-19 pandemic has extensive consequences for the live experience market at large. Rightsholders are losing revenue as they never have before and partnered brands are missing out on almost the entire marketing value for their sponsorship spendings. However, in every crisis lies opportunity. Opportunity for change & improvement. Opportunity for progress. Opportunity for digitization to finally arrive in the world of Sponsoring. If not now, when?

Despite the gradual return to live sports, rightsholders without fans in the stadium are far from being able to implement all sponsorship rights. And how could they? In pre-COVID-19 times, almost 95% of brand activation was delivered in-venue.

But in times of smartphones, social media and the internet, rightsholders have to learn to monetize their digital channels. Not only are lucrative revenue opportunities promised by digitization, risk-reduction through diversification seems to be the name of the game, nowadays. According to the US sports marketing agency Two Circles, the global sports industry could have earned a total of $ 16.7 billion more in 2019 had it realized all the possibilities of digital sponsorship.

And there are many more upsides connected to digital sponsoring. Do you remember what happened to print advertisement when Google ads came around? Digital advertisement is targetable, measurable and adaptable in real-time, helping advertisers and rightsholders to quantify return on investments and to create truly engaging brand activation campaigns. The same revolution lies ahead for the world of live advertisement & sponsoring - if decision makers are taking advantage of the opportunity.

Tim Talhoff, CEO of EHCF Freiburg is using Stagecast to offer digital sponsoring packages to their sponsors and reports: 

“Stagecast helps to generate revenue even despite the COVID-19 crisis.”

Tim Talhoff, CEO EHCF Freiburg

The EHCF Fan voting activated over 8.000 fans in less than one week and brought numerous fans to the webpage of B3Autoglas. Fans loved the interactive element and opportunity to vote for the MVP of the past season, the Sponsor found a new way to show its loyalty to EHCF and the club created a new source of revenue.

In a similar manner, the Bundesliga Club 1. FC Nürnberg used the Classic Quiz Moment to create a 24-hour derby quiz activation for their main Sponsor, Nürnberger Versicherungen. The Club Quiz was embedded on the 1. FC Nürnberg website under www.fcn.de/clubquiz - in 24 hours over 1.500 fans answered about 100.000 FC. Nürnberg & Nürnberger Versicherungen related questions and were exposed to the Sponsor Logo throughout this time.

The quiz in particular was very well received and achieved wide reach and was certainly an asset.”

Daniel Börlein , Press Director 1. FC Nürnberg (Case realized together with Stagecast Reseller & Expert www.kaurispirit.com)

Nobody likes bulky advertising messages on social media without added value or pure product placement. Stagecast helps to create interactive live marketing campaigns that can be shared on ever digital channel of rightsholders. Engaging club-reated quizzes, votings, selfie collages and much more can be used to playfully activate sponsorship brands and engage fans.

What are you waiting for? Now is the time to offer digital sponsorship as an asset in your sponsorship mix.

If not now, when?

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