Set up your Moments, launch them to your audience and measure engagement.


Mix and match Moments for your event!

Moments are live audience interactions  - from crowd votings to quizzes or synchronized flashes for a lightshow of all phones.

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In our Moment Store we provide many different Moments to choose from.

Extend the event

Use Moments before, during and after the event to engage your audience.


Surprise your audience with a completely new way of engagement.

1. Choose & Set Up

Choose, customize and schedule your Moments.

We made it super easy for you to choose and set up Moments in seconds and edit them if you want to change the content. Every Moment is customizable and brandable, so you can activate your own or your sponsors' brands.

See all Moments

Find the right kind of Moments for your event and add your own content.

Brand Activation

Upload logos and colors to activate brands and Sponsors.


Schedule Moments so they will be launched automatically.

2. Engage

Connect to your audience with a simple event code.

Your audience connects with an event code on the free Stagecast app, a simple web browser or an integration your own app or website - whatever channel you prefer. When they do, you are ready to engage with them in real time before, during and after your event. Simply launch your Moments from the Stagecast launchpad to your audience!

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With the 4 digit event code you have the power to decide who will be able to receive your Moments & content.


Customise Notifications for each of your Moments (Only available in Stagecast app or app integration).

Pre, During & Post Event

Engage with your audience before, during and after the event though Moments.

3. Measure

After your event you will receive a detailed data report.

After your event is over, you will have access to the Event Data Report, giving you valuable insights about how and when your audience engaged with your Moments and what brands were activated Data that will help you to express event ROI for your internal and external stakeholders.

Number of Unique Users

Receive insights about how many visitors engaged with your event and Moments.

Engagement & Impressions

Receive data about audience impressions and engagement - similar to the type of data you receive with your social media campaigns.

Download Report

Reports are easily downloadable and shareable with your colleagues and sponsors.

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