First, create your Moments then engage your audience and finally, measure the results.


Mix and match Moments for your event!

Moments are live audience interactions  - from crowd votings to quizzes or synchronized flashes for a lightshow of all phones.

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In our Moment Store we provide many different Moments to choose from.

Extend the event

Use Moments before, during and after the event to engage your audience.


Surprise your audience with a completely new way of engagement.

1. Create

Choose and customize Moments on the Stagecast launchpad.

Choose the type of audience activations, called Moments, that work for your audience. Then, add your content, logos and brand.

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Content Variety

Quizzes, votings, treasure hunts and much more - Find exactly the right Moments that work for you.

Content Management System (CMS)

Manage your Moment content effortless and on the fly: Upload pictures, colors and text right in the CMS.

Brand Activation

Easily add logos & colors to activate sponsorship brands - right there in the same CMS where you setup all the rest.

2. Engage

Launch Moments and engage your audience in real time.

Simply share a link or the Stagecast Event Code for your audience to join.

Then, launch your Moments on the Stagecast launchpad and your audience participates in real time!

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Integrate Stagecast on your website, app or Live Stream to engage with your audience on your own channels with your own brand.

Free Stagecast Channels

Don't have an app or website? Use the free Stagecast  website to engage your audience. Simply direct them to and give them your event code.

Before, during and after

Launch your Moments before, during and after your event or broadcast and increase the time of the live experience.

3. Measure

Measure the results and share your insights.

Receive valuable insights about how and when your audience engaged with your Moments and how brands were activated - Data that will help you estimate ROI for your internal and external stakeholders.

Number of Users

Receive insights about how many visitors engaged with your event and Moments.

Engagements & Impressions

Receive data about audience impressions and engagement - similar to the type of data you receive with your social media campaigns.

Download Report

Easily download and share your insights with your colleagues and sponsors.

Add Stagecast to your own website or app

People love interactive content, such as quizzes, tombolas, votings or selfie collages. We made it so simple to add such Moments to your own app or website.  

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Add Stagecast to your Live Stream or Broadcast
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Find the right content for your event or broadcast

Not every audience activation is right for every event. On Stagecast you find the Moments that work exactly for your events, channels and audience.

Find a variety of Moments on Stagecast
Mix-and-match Moments that suit your needs
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