Stagecast Growth Milestone

Stagecast in use across the globe during every minute of today

Jonas Hermann
November 18, 2020
Today, we are reaching a very special milestone (for the first time): During every minute of today, thousands of (virtual) event participants are being engaged via Stagecast Moments across multiple continents and counties.

Ever since we started Stagecast, we had that goal of “wouldn’t it be cool if one day, Stagecast Moments are in use at every second of the day somewhere in the world”?

It's surreal to me that today, we are reaching that milestone - and it teaches us very valuable (and cliché) lessons: 

Never stop believing in our dreams. Never stop working towards our goals. We can reach every goal that we have well defined.

This goal in particular has always been one of my favorite goals to work towards because it is so contextual. I can picture users happily engaging with our platform - and thinking that that would happen every minute of the day has always been a bit mind-boggling to me. Yet, here we are! We made it! 🎉🎉🎉

During every minute of today's 24 hours, Stagecast is in use across multiple continents and countries by thousands of event participants, fans, virtual audiences, social media followers, remote colleagues and friends.

Now, off to the next Milestone: Stagecast in use in every continent of the world at the same time! 

Millions of participants, employees, friends & viewers engaged with Stagecast