Tutorial: Christmas Advent Calendar

Learn how to use the Stagecast loyalty program to create a Christmas Advent calendar.

Jonas Hermann
November 16, 2021
Christmas is around the corner - this time, stun your audience with a customized Christmas Advent Calendar.

One of the most loved Christmas traditions is the Advent Calendar. In this tutorial I will show you how you can create your own digital Advent calendar using the Stagecast loyalty program.

Every day you can start a different Christmas themed Stagecast activity. Participants will sign in with their E-Mail address and can track their progress in the Advent Calendar. Those participants who have participated at least in 12 activities during December can enter a special prize draw.

Christmas Advent Calendar with the Loyalty Program feature

1. Start off by creating your Stagecast activities 

Start by preparing different Christmas-themed Stagecast activities. We made this very easy with Christmas templates: Simply search for "Christmas" in the templates tab and choose the ones you like best.

Stagecast Christmas activity templates

You can edit the content, add your own logos and even add Prizes for daily giveaways and prizes. 

Create Christmas Activities on Console

2. Enable a Participant Profiles & Loyalty Program

Next, enable participant profiles in your workspace. Click on "Participant Profiles" on the top right of the workspace. 

Enable Participant Profiles & Loyalty Program

For participants to track their progress in the the Advent calendar loyalty program, they only need their E-Mail address. You can customize the sign-in with your own content and explain what to expect from the Advent calendar to your participants.

Setup Participant SignIn

Next, setup the loyalty program. Add different "achievements" that participants will have to complete in order to enter the prize draw. For a Christmas Advent calendar, we recommend the "Participate in Activities" achievement type.

Setup Loyalty Program

3. Invite your audience and start your Christmas activities

Finally, invite your audience and start one activity each day. As people participate in your Christmas activities, they will also collect points towards their Christmas loyalty program achievements. You can view the participant and winner list on the participant profile page. When you start a new activity, participants will be notified via their E-mail address automatically.

Participant & Profile list

Try it out. Here is an example how it can look like! 

That's it - Now you know how you can create a Christmas Advent calendar on Stagecast.

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