What are the benefits of event gamification?

Games can be used to transform your online event. Here are the top 10 benefits of utilizing gamification at your event.

Jonas Hermann
September 2, 2021
Gamification refers to the practice of adding game-like elements and principles to contexts outside of games. In the context of events, then, gamification means strategically incorporating game-like components into the event to enhance attendee experience and achieve the target outcomes. For example, you might incorporate competitions, points systems, rewards or prizes, or problem-solving tasks into some items on your event agenda, or to the event as a whole. But if gamification is designed solely to increase figures related to marketing instead of meaningful experiences, the event designers are in danger to fall into a trap that leads to a conflicting situation between selling and creating valuable experiences.

What are the benefits of event gamification?

Stagecast makes it easy for you to tab into the power of gamification and apply to it your event without falling in danger of over-doing. In the following, we have gathered 10 reasons for you to apply gamification in your next event: 

1. Engages online participants:
Gamification proactively engages online attendees to participate and connect with the virtual event.It creates new opportunities to activate partner & sponsor brands

2. Enables qualified lead generation
Gamification enables lead capture and data collection of participants through prizes and giveaways, Call-to-actions or mandatory participant sign-ups. 

3. Offers sponsor activation
Gamification offers powerful ways to activate partnership & sponsorship brands

4. Icebreakers
Gamification is a form of ice breaker that keeps the atmosphere relaxed.

5. Enhances event experience
Gamification creates a worthwhile experience leaving guests satisfied.

6. It's fun!
Gamification spreads positivity throughout the event.

7. Increases connection
Gamification gives everyone a shared purpose and common ground.

8. Fosters social buzz
It creates a deeper bond, contentment, and more social buzz.

9. Promotes Interaction
Promotes interaction among event staff, speakers, members, and other guests

10. Makes your event more inclusive
Encourages participants to speak as they exchange ideas and insights on how to solve challenges with each other.

Those are our top 10 reasons to apply gamification at your next event. Are we missing a point? Reach out to us and let us know! If you have any questions about how to use Stagecast at your event, connect with someone on our team who can share best practices.

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