Stagecast Epilogue

Today, we have to announce a change in ownership of Stagecast AB

Jonas Hermann
September 14, 2022
After a long fight with the repercussions of COVID-19, we have to look truth straight in the eye. We tried hard, but we never recovered from the shock that COVID brought our industry.

Yet, we are so proud of what we have accomplished. Stagecast engaged 2.5 million users across 150 countries and has been used at some of the biggest events and by some of the most recognizable brands. It brought over 40 brilliant and ambitious minds to call our colleagues, and hundreds more to call our friends. But, our conversion rate from free users to paying customers was too low, and with inaccessible venture capital, we simply ran out of cash.

To our team, our customers, our investors, our users, and our supporters: Thank you for being with us throughout this covid-chapter of Stagecast. Thank you for believing in us and for putting up the fight.

Experience the whole Stagecast journey as an interactive timeline:

It is easy to come across lessons learned by founders. But it’s much harder to see those learnings unfold and how they apply in the reality of running a business. This timeline tries to bridge that gap and is a way of giving back to the community. It shares our learnings, our highs & lows, and gives a unique view into what it is like to build a global SaaS company.

What's next for Stagecast? 

– Continuation of service & new ownership

We are proud to have found a partner, who will continue to run and invest in Stagecast. vVenues AB & OneMotion AB have acquired a majority shareholding in Stagecast AB and will bring the company to new heights!

Millions of participants, employees, friends & viewers engaged with Stagecast