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Updates to the Engage & Pro plans, educational pricing and Stagecast for enterprises

Jonas Hermann
February 10, 2022
We believe running inclusive meetings and events should be available for everyone - especially in times when people are working from home, learning from a distance and meeting online. So, we listened to your feedback and made Stagecast the most affordable interaction platform on the market.

Within the last few months - since the launch of Stagecast 3.0 - we had over 1.500 new sign ups from all over the world. Stagecast is more and more used to create inclusive business meetings, events and lessons - both, online and offline. We heard from many users that they love Stagecast and wish for more affordable entree plans and educational pricing. We asked for your feedback and we listened. Today, we are excited to announce that Stagecast is now the most affordable interaction platform on the market*.

Updates to Engage & Pro Plans

With only 7€ and 19€ per month (3,50€/user and 6,33€/user), it’s easier than ever to access Stagecast’s paid features, such as advanced branding, analytics, prize assignments and more. 

New Educational Plans

Educators get an additional 50% off any Stagecast plan, making it accessible for all teachers, students, schools and universities to create engaging online and offline lessons. Reach out to apply for educational plans.

New Enterprise Plans

Single-Sign-On (SSO), enhanced security, advanced data control and premium support are features available for our Enterprise customers in our all-new enterprise plans

The Stagecast free plan will of course stay free forever. But if you are one of those who wished for more affordable entree plans, we believe these plans will suit you well.

Thank you for all the feedback & support. We are excited to keep growing together!

Your Stagecast Team

*as per user cost per month for entree plans

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