We Are Machine Media

We work with many companies on the cutting edge of media technology.

We can help you use Stagecast in the following areas:

Technical Setup




English, Swedish


600 SEK per hour (+VAT)

David Segal (Co Founder)

About us

We Are Machine Media provides an audio solution for nearly every aspect of the media industry. The core of our company David Segal and Joakim Johansson both have a long background in all aspects of sound/ music creation, performance, and implementation. While we offer any kind of traditional audio related services, our primary focus and interest is interactive audio for games, 360 films, VR, AR, and other interactive media. We offer a complete pipeline for creating, implementing, integrating, and optimizing sound and music into interactive experiences. We work with many companies working on the cutting edge of media technology like Nordic Entertainment, Mind Music Labs, and Stagecast.

How did you come in contact with Stagecast?

We met the Stagecast crew when they wanted feedback on the possibilities of using ultrasound audio as a way of transmitting data as an alternative to Bluetooth and Wifi and were instantly fascinated and impressed with their creativity and passion. From that point on we have worked together in various rolls mainly in connection to their LiveHacks event.

What makes you an Stagecast expert?

By working closely with the Stagecast team we are aligned to both the technical and creative possibilities of the Stagecast platform. Our partnership with Stagecast means that we are an extension of their knowledge and experience in the field.

What do you love about Stagecast?

While an idea can be interesting it is utterly worthless without the people, passion, and drive to realize it. The Stagecast team has all three of these traits in bulk and it is the people behind their idea that gives it a strong foundation to grow on. We are fascinated by interaction and their platform offers many unique ways of creating exciting interactions between performers and audiences.

Why do you think audience engagement is important?

Audience engagement is the key to creating memories that stick as opposed to ones that fade away. We are constantly bombarded with stimuli today and creating a controlled environment where you can guide the audience to having an amazing experience is one of the most important challenges of the entire modern media industry.

What do customers value about you when working together?

Communication and honesty are they key to any good relationship professional or otherwise. Where media experiences become more and more complex the teams and skills needed to realize them grows but in the end no amount of skill can make up for bad communication. Ultimately our passion for what we do drives us to demand the best from ourselves and we think people appreciate that we want their project to succeed just as much as they do.