5 ideas to make your virtual onboarding events a success!

Use these 5 ideas in your (virtual) onboarding events to ensure a smooth onboarding experience for your crew!

Jonas Hermann
September 14, 2021
The first days and weeks at a new job are critical. Not only is this the time when a new employee can begin to know for sure whether or not he or she has made the right decision, but it's equally important for an employer because only once the real work begins can they truly witness the attitude a new recruit brings to the job. Employee onboarding is a key factor driving both sides of this equation.

But providing a smooth employee onboarding experience is far from easy - especially not if it's done in a virtual environment. Team meetings might feel forced and impersonal or they simply do not offer enough room to get to know each other.

Use these 5 ideas in your (virtual) onboarding meetings to ensure a smooth onboarding experience for your new crew members! 

1. Start it off with a creative conversation starter 

We all know the feeling - the first day with a new group of people and the air is thin as ice. Break that ice with a fun, creative ice breaker. For example, make a fun drawing competition and ask your new hires to “draw what they did on the weekend” or “how they are feeling today” with the Stagecast Sketch Collage. Use these sketches in a conversation and make everyone feel welcomed by pointing out the little quirks in each other’s drawings.

Draw your mood example

2. Create friendly competitions with fun prizes

Let’s be honest. We all LOVE competitions. There is a reason why we see them everywhere. Use the power of friendly competitions to create a fun atmosphere and get everyone in on the conversation. On Stagecast, you find quizzes, whack-a-mole and other games that all have a leaderboard to it and where you can attach prizes. Extra fun: Create a quiz with fun facts about the who-is-who of your company and make your new hires insiders of the latest fuzz.

Competition example

3. Gamify the onboarding with a virtual treasure hunt

It’s not all just shits and giggles. You do probably want your new employees to remember a thing or two from your onboarding days. You know, stuff like “what is the name of our team leader?” or “where can I find more information about our vacation policy?”. And although this is all very important information, there is so much to take in for new team members, they will probably forget.

Use the power of gamification to facilitate retention and pack the most important information in a virtual treasure hunt - all team members that can solve the questions in the treasure hunt get a chance to win a prize!

Treasure Hunt example

4. Make it personal with a fun photo collage

So many new names to learn - so many faces to remember! How is that supposed to work if not everyone is having their webcam on? Or if there are hundreds of people in the event? Let’s make it easier for everyone and build a fun, personal selfie collage together. People can add their name to their picture and at the end of the event, the collage can be sent around - never ever will you ever have to forget your colleagues name again.

Photo Collage example

5. Make learning of new information fun with quizzes

And last but not least: Quizzes. Quizzes, quizzes and quizzes. Everyone loves quizzes. Quizzes about the company history, quizzes about the company products, quizzes about the other team members. There is so much possibility. On Stagecast, you can choose between a “Live Quiz” that everyone plays at the same time or a “Speed Quiz” that you can share with your new colleagues and they can play it any time - for example after the onboarding event when you want to invite them to dive a little deeper in the content. Get creative! But use quizzes! Nothing can go wrong if you use quizzes. We promise.

Quiz example

That's it - 5 great ideas to boost your onboarding meetings. Try it for yourself! You can even find some Webinar templates to get started here

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