10 000 festival visitors enjoying Stagecast Moments!

About the event

Smukfest is Denmark’s second biggest festival taking place in August every summer. For a full week, the festival takes place in the beautiful forest of Skandeborg where 55 000 eager festival visitors gather.

Why Stagecast?

One of the main sponsors of the festival is Telia Denmark. They have been a proud sponsor for five years, where they have a nice presence at the festival by offering charging stations, wifi hotspots and much more. Although, during the festival of 2018 they wanted to level up their digital presence and offer something special to the crowd.

1. Engagement

During a festival there is always a lot of spare time when concerts are not happening, and during this time Telia wanted to engage as much as possible with the people to ramp up the overall experience!

2. Brand activation

As a sponsor of a festival, one wants to make sure that the brand is connected to as many positive experiences and moments as possible. Even if handing out power outlets to people with uncharged mobile phones is great, Telia were looking for more ways to create great experiences at the festival.


Telia used the Stagecast platform to set up Moments which helped out their needs! This is how they did it:

1. Engagement

One fun thing Telia did to engage with the visitors was to organize a treasure hunt facilitated by Moments. During the festival, a treasure hunt took place once a day. When it was about time, a treasure hunt symbol was dropped on a map displayed in the app. People would have to find there way there where a Telia staff were waiting. Once found, they were encouraged to take a selfie with the Filter Moment with themselves and someone from the Telia staff, and after that, the people  would have to check the map again to see where pictures of the gang holding the treasures would be. The prizes were everything from a phone, headphones, speakers and many other nice things.

2. Brand activation

Although the treasure hunt worked well as a brand activation of the Telia brand, Telia had another fun activity planned.The camping area opened a couple of days before the festival started. During this time, Telia wanted to surprise everyone by organizing a surprise concert with the eminent band Minds of 99. The only announcement made about this concert was through a Video Moment pushed in the app where the singer would simply announced that it was 15 minutes left until they would play at Smukfest. Over 2000 people runned down to the announced location to enjoy the concert. During the concert, a Filter Moment was also launched to let the audience to take “Minds of 99”-photos.  

Further, the photo gallery in the app was constantly filled with nice picture from the visitors during the festival. Telia gathered those and created a nice gallery out of that together with their brand - it looked sleek! This can be pushed out to participants to enjoy it, but also displayed on bigger screens during the festival.


In total, Telia reached the impressive numbers of 10 000 downloads of the application - so a lot of things were done right regarding marketing. Before the festival took place, content was pushed through their social channels to show how how the app could help out.

Besides that, signs & banners were located at strategic places at the festival area which encouraged people to download the app.

We feel honored to have become a part of Telia’s presence at Smukfest and are looking forward to the coming festival during 2019!