Live Streaming - 1. FC Nürnberg eSports

How 1. FC Nürnberg used Stagecast to create and measure fan engagement at their weekly eSports stream

About the Stream

The 1. FC Nürnberg football clubs is one of Germany's most traditional Bundesliga clubs. With their eSports team, they regularly stream the "Weekend League Challenge" together with the official 1. FCN Host "Schlappi" and a player from the official team squat.

„Stagecast offers a new and exciting way to interact with our fans through the Live Stream on Twitch.“

"Schlappi", Host of official eSports channel 1. FC Nürnberg

Why Stagecast?

Stagecast helped to create new ways of fan engagement and offers new ways of Sponsorship brand activation to 1. FCN.

1. Create new ways of fan engagement:

With the Stagecast Quiz Moment, Collage Moment and Voting Moment new and interactive fan engagement was created during the Live Stream.

2. Sponsor & Brand Activation:

Every Moment is brandable and customizable in the colors of the official 1. FCN Sponsors  - thereby offering new ways for sponsorship brand activation and increased sponsorship sales opportunities to 1. FCN

Moments at 1. FC Nürnberg

Quiz Moment

The Quiz Moment was used at the end of the live stream. Over 50% of the live viewers participated in the quiz and answered a total of six 1. FCN related questions. The faster the audience answered, the more points they collected!

Quiz Moment live in 1. FC Live Stream

Collage Moment

The Collage Moment was used multiple times during the live stream. Participants were encouraged to show their gaming setup or a reaction to the latest gameplay in the stream!

Stagecast Collage Moment in 1. FC Live Stream

Voting Moment

And finally, the Voting Moment was used in the beginning of the stream to collect viewer's best guesses of who they believed will win the daily tournament

Voting Moment in 1. FCN Live Stream

Stagecast Integration in Twitch Stream

The Stagecast Results page was displayed to all viewers via in the live stream via a simple OBS System. There are many OBS systems available in the market - the integration in any of them works in the same, simple way: The result page link is displayed as a source via the OBS.

Stagecast Integration Setup in Twitch Stream

Event Analytics

Stagecast enables data tracking of fan and brand activation. Event statistics as well as specific Moment statistics and participation rates are available on a finger tip. At the 1. FCN Twitch Stream, Stagecast activated about 50% of the audience and created aver 230 brand impressions! 

Stagecast Event Analytics

Special thanks go out to our partner & Stagecast Expert Kaurispirit for the excellent execution of the case!

That was Stagecast at the 1. FCN Twitch Stream. See you at the next stream!