Innebandy - Kalmarsund's new KIFAB Arena

How Kalmar used Stagecast to create and measure fan engagement in their brand new KIFAB Arena.

About the event

Innebandy is climbing fast in popularity, already being under the top three most played sports in Sweden. FCB Kalmarsund is at the forefront of the trend and among the top teams in the SSL league. With their brand new KIFAB Arena for 1500 spectators, they are setting a standard for the league and what it means to engage their fans.

„Stagecast helps us to create the best possible fan experience in our new venue and offers new sponsorship opportunities to our trusted partners!“

Carolin Axelsson, Marketing Manager at FBC Kalmarsund Innebandy

New KIFAB Arena in Kalmar, Sweden

Why Stagecast?

Stagecast helped to create new ways of fan engagement and offered new sponsor brand activation opportunities for FBC Kalmarsund.

1. Create new ways of fan engagement:

FBC Kalmarsund used the Collage Moment before the game started to engage waiting fans, as well as a sponsor-powered Quiz Moment in the first break and a Fan Voting in the second break.

2. Sponsor & Brand Activation:

With the Black Coffee-branded Quiz Moment during the first game break, the main sponsor "Black Coffee" grabbed the attention of all fans in the venue and communicated a modern way of sponsorship activation.

Quiz Moment at KIFAB Arena

The Quiz Moment was used during the first the break of the game. About 300 participants in total answered eight Black Coffee or Innebandy related questions - the faster they answered the more points they got. The winners was asked to come to the middle of the arena and received her own, personal prize - A goode bag from the Sponsor! Congratulations, Evelina!

Quiz Moment at KIFAB Arena

Evelina with her Sponsor prize!

Collage Moment at KIFAB Arena

The Collage Moment was used before the game started to bridge some waiting time for the fans and to activate the FBC partner brands. Over 100 pictures were uploaded in les than 5 minutes of screen time. A wonderful collage that made for lots of happy faces! 

Collage Moment at FBC Kalmarsund when the first images came in!

Fan Voting Moment at KIFAB Arena

Right after the game, the audience voted for the player of the match, using the Fan Voting Moment. With over 40% voting for Kalle Bending, a clear winner was found fast!

Stagecast Integration in the official Kalmarsund App!

Stagecast was integrated on a simple subpage on the Kalmarund App  - the official app of the FBC Team.

During the event, fans simply had to go to the main page of the app and participated in all Moments right there, right then! 

The Stagecast Integration is a simple web view integration and can be performed in any development environment, which only takes a couple of clicks to install.

Get Stagecast in your app or on your website today! 

Do you wonder how to get the Stagecast result page on the big media cube in arenas? It's simple! Read how it's done right here.

Event Analytics

Stagecast enables data tracking of fan and brand activation. Event statistics as well as specific Moment statistics and participation rates are available on a finger tip. At the KIFAB Arena, Stagecast activated about 25% of the audience and created about 800 event impressions! With close to 300 players in the quiz and over 100 images uploaded to the Collage.

Kalmarsund Stagecast Event Analytics

That was Stagecast at the brand new KIFAB arena. See you at the next game!