Stagecast at POP - an interactive corporate event

Stagecast enables Employee Engagement and community building at corporate Events, workshops and meetings

About the Case

During the corporate POP Event of a large Swedish music stream provider, Stagecast was used in multiple virtual rooms. Participants joined by scanning QR codes with their phones to interact and have fun. But let's let "Dan the Man" explain how it worked...

Why Stagecast?

We all have felt it: "Zoom fatigue"... the phenomenon of feeling strong disengagement with the video content presented. Sitting in front of screens all day does not help when trying to take corporate events online. Stagecast enables HR-Teams to make  online events interactive and keep employees engaged.

How Stagecast was used at the POP Event

In each room, QR Codes were placed

When the audience scanned such QR code with their phone, they would be able to participate in one of Stagecast's live activations that were relevant for the room. Different rooms had different activations online at the same time.

A variety of Stagecast Activations were used throughout the event.

Live Quizzes were played in the Trivia room, where the audience was able to participate in different quizzes throughout the event. A live leaderboard made it real easy for the hosts to create a competition between the audience members.

Photo Collages enabled the events hosts to get personal, see the participants on the other side and create a feeling of being in the venue with other colleagues.

Over 30 polls throughout the night enabled the participants to have a real impact on the event and create simple interactions with the hosts.

Small games, like the speed challenge, helped POP to gamify the experience - through the night participants were able to take part in the speed challenge. The fastest players would win 1 of 5 VR headsets.

As a special POP Activation, the Sketch collage was used to get the participants to be creative: The audience sent in small, hand drawn scribbles and two artists were turning their ideas into real-life drawings at the same time.

Interactive Engagement yields to measurable results

Stagecast makes it real easy to turn audience engagement into measurable, shareable results. With an 80% participation rate and over 13.000 interactions enabled, Stagecast truly helped POP to be engaging

That was Stagecast at POP. Big shout-out to our friends at PartySpace for the excellent collaboration!