Your Data

This service is hosted by Stagecast. For you to be able to use this service and have a personalized experience, we need to collect the following data:

Your account

In order for us  to help you create an email account we will collect your email address, your name, and any profile picture that you upload.

If you sign up with Facebook, your Facebook email, Facebook name and your Facebook profile picture will be saved on our server to help you create an account.

In order for you to easily connect with and add your friends, this service will look through your friend list on Facebook to give recommendations.

Captured data

Any image or video that you take will be saved on our server so that those can be displayed on your account in the app.

Your GPS location will saved on the server in order to display the location to your friends.

The ID of your phone (Firebase device ID) will be saved for us to be able to send push notifications to you.

The last time you logged in on the service will be saved in order to show your friends when your location was last seen.

Your location data will automatically be deleted after maximum 60 days. All other data will be kept until deleted or requested to be deleted by you.

Cancelation of account

To remove your account and all data attached to it press the "Delete Account"-button in the settings menu inside of the app. If you are using a guest account, just press "Log out" in the settings menu and your account and all data will be deleted.

If you have questions or can't perform any of the actions above send and email to attaching your email/username.

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