Create engaging and measurable
fan experiences.

Stagecast helps you turn mobile phones into engagement tools.

Involve Your Audience

Turn your guests from spectators to participants.

Upsell Stagecast

Use Stagecast to activate brands, make sponsors happy and earn more money.

Direct Communication

Give your guests one tool to be in touch with - before, during and after the event

Environmentally Friendly

Create experiences without producing physical waste.

Easy Setup

We are event organizers, too. Stagecast fits right into your workflow.

Use Your Own App

Use the Stagecast SDK to easily integrate Stagecast into your own app.

Launch Stagecast Moments before, during and after your event to create the perfect experience.

Event Experience

Every event is a combination of experiences - or naturally occurring Moments. For example, your audience travels to the venue, waits in line and enjoys the highlight or your event.  

Stagecast Moments

On Stagecast you find “Stagecast Moments” that blend with the natural Moments and help you create excitement, engagement and  memories that prolongs the event experience.

What customers think

“Audience Engagement is really important for Dreamhack and the entire eSports industry.”

Shahin Zarrabi
, Director of Digital Platform at DreamHack

Voting Moment

"Through Stagecast we could offer our audience a free voting. More people were involved and the competition felt more fair. Stagecast must be part of our next competition again!"

Anna Martinsson, 
Producer - Smask

“Stagecast adds a exciting way for me to be creative with my shows”

Palle Palme, Lighting Designer

“Stagecast is a great way to activate the Telia brand.”

Claus Berthou Madsen, 
Senior Project Manager 
at Telia Denmark

“Stagecast helped us to do both: Create a novel show and satisfy our sponsors. It was a win-win!”

Richard Kennett, Bright Blue AB
Producer of Den Magiska Maskinen

“Stagecast is a game changer. In a couple of years, it will be unthinkable that organizers did not have the possibility to interact with their audience by using the mobile phones.”

Tyler Crowly, Founder of Stockholm Tech Fest

Collage Moment

“The photos of the Collage Moment went viral on social media - both, younger & older generation believed it was fun and attracted a new audience to the event. Stagecast will be an obvious choice again!”

Louise Anestad, Event- and Brand manager 
at Örebrokompaniet.

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