Stagecast Manifest

The world we help create and why we do what we do.

We cherish the Moment

Today, the smartphone has become an integral part of everyday life. Services, such as social media platforms, have emerged and understand to capture and monetize the undivided, perpetual attention of masses. However, as a device that is always carried with us, the phone has the potential to immerse its user more into the surrounding without guiding attention away from the moment and therefore create a more social, intuitive, fun and interactive everyday life.

Stagecast creates meaningful digital interactions for everyday life.

We embrace digitization

Digitalization allows for mass distribution of products and services without massive environmental consequences. Therefore, we believe digitalization is the key in creating a world that is sustainable and enjoyable for the many people. Hence, we know that no industry is going to be untouched by the ongoing digitalization process. Stagecast helps the live entertainment industry arrive in the digital age.

Stagecast contributes in the development towards a digital society.

We value technology

We believe technology is the backbone of civilization - it is the vehicle that allowed mankind to establish its predominant role in the ecological ecosystem. However, with the control of technology comes great responsibility - responsibility to improve, to change and to innovate.

Stagecast creates technology that challenges the status quo and fosters innovation in its industry.

We foster community

We believe that in a globalized digital world where economical, cultural and social dependencies prevail, human connection is more essential than ever. Real-life interaction between humans that is fostered, not hampered, by digital devices is therefore of utmost importance.

Stagecast is a tool to create meaningful human interactions, to shed light on how to involve digital devices in real life experiences and therefore to stimulate togetherness and community.

We love entertainment

What would life be without amusement? Entertainment makes life worthwhile and is an integral part of each society's culture.

Stagecast creates amusing, joyful and engaging experiences.

We do business

We believe money is a measure of value created, not a measure of wealth. We put our customers first, help satisfy their needs and surpass their expectations.

Stagecast makes money while doing good.