MeetApp Event Engagement App Platform

We can help you use Stagecast in the following areas:

App Provider, Technical Setup


Chicago, Ohio & Stockholm, Sweden




Swedish & English


Upon Request

Mats Bäcklund, CEO & Founder @ MeetApp

About us

MeetApp is an event app and registration system built to gather everything from invitation to communication, interaction, networking and follow-up in one platform. MeetApp is easy to deploy and manage, and even easier for your attendees to use.

What makes you an Stagecast expert?

We embrace the Stagecast platform and have build a smooth integration for all Stagecast Moments in MeetApp!

Why do you think audience engagement is important?

Our guiding principle to successful meetings and events is to unleash the full engagement potential of your participants before, during and after your meeting. Because happy and energized participants go a long way!

What do customers value about you when working together?

Ease of use, accessible support team and our drive to help create great events are feedback we often get from our customers. Our customer also value the capabilities to be able to create innovative and inspiring events by using all our tools to share information, encourage networking and increase user interactivity.