Telia Project

Turning the six thinking heads method into a Stagecast Moment

Our partners offered a hack challenge for the day with the brief: “How can we turn a corporate speech into rock n’roll show?” Hanyue Zhou, Shay Benish, Dingli Mao, Neha Bhargava &  Dana Akhmetova worked upon the challenge and came up with a Moment where the organizer would encourage and engage the crowd through different roles - similar to the six thinking hat method. Participants were assigned random roles and were given a comment input field. All comments were displayed on the screen.

This was an incredibly ambitious project to pull of in only a day! We cannot believe that the team actually produced a functioning prototype be the end of the 14 hours of hacking. The coolest part? Telia showcased this project in the Telia HQ and they would like to use it during their annual meetings.