Shake it like it's hot

A psychedelic pattern on screen with live animations from the audience.

The winning team! “Shake it like it’s hot” was made by Charlie-Camille Thomas, Stefan Lindholm, Jack Nutting, Lucas Grönborg and Daxin Xiao. Shake it like its hot was not only a super-duper cool, interactive animation on the backdrop of a stage, it had also some of the most innovative solutions on board.

When a user tiled his or her phone. the user's name popped up right next to the graphics he or she controlled on stage. The phone's tilt was measured using the "upness" factor, as the group called it. An algorithm that figured out what way the user was holding the phone - and we loooooooove this stuff! Suddenly one does not need to glance at the phone all the time in order to affect the graphics on stage and that's exactly what Stagecast is trying to do: Integrate smartphones into live experiences without being disturbing. A legendary moment. With legendary innovations and legendary execution - a well deserved winning project of LiveHacks #3.

Best Project