Project Kaio

An interactive light installation for the masses.

How about we build a light installation and let the audience controll it in real time? "No problem", thought the team behind the Kaio project and set our on a difficult mission. Jonas Johansson and his team brought a massive amount of hardware from the Svartljus collective and started hacking.

The final project amazed everyone in the audience. When the Kaio Moment was posted on the Stagecast timeline, guests were able to press one of four colours. The more the colours were pressed, the faster the light installation changed. One could even use the accelerometer data of a mobile as an input. This was dance moves were directly translated into light. Amazing! We all used the Kaio Moment down in the Reaktorhall while the psychedelic Rock band "Phogg" was on stage. The perfect combination and shivers down our spines!.