Five Strangers

This moment is capturing the greatest moments based on the audience’s reaction and allowing millions of home-viewers to be part of the live-audience experience.

Moment description

Our Wow-moment feature will allow millions of people watching from home to be part of the live-audience experience. The wow-moments are generated when the live audience sound level extends a threshold. Both the home and the live audience are then notified through the Stagecast app that a wow-moment has just occurred so that they can replay it and vote for the Emoji that best represents their emotions. Each Emoji (happy, sad, angry, and excited) is presented on the screen with a bubble that grows larger with each vote (tap) for about 10 seconds.

Additional Features:

  1. Audience at home has the option to register their voices (reactions to the moment) in a 3 second video that can be played in the venue.
  2. LED strip that demonstrates with colors (green, yellow, red) to the threshold of a wow moment. That way the audience can cheer more and have more control/understanding of what a wow moment is.

Our Moments: