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Stagecast helps to create engaging, fun and profitable live experiences.


We provide digital interactions called Moments

A Moment is any type of live audience interaction you can think of - from a crowd voting to a simple message or synching the flashes of all phones.

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In our Momentstore we provide 13 different Moments you can choose from.

Extend the experience

Use the Moments to extend the experience of your audience before and after the event.


Use the power of technology to surprise your audience with a completely new way of engagement.

Set Up

Edit, customize and schedule your Moments

We made it super easy for you to set up Moments in seconds and edit them if you want to change the content. Every Moment is pretty customizable and allows you to activate your brand.

Fast Setup

With a few clicks Moments are ready to launch to your audience.

Brand Activation

Upload sponsor logos to display them in an advertisement banner.


Let us do the technical work for you. You can simply schedule Moments. They will be launched automatically.


Use the Stageacast App to involve your audience.

Your audience will connect via an event code on the Stagecast App. Whenever you launch a Moment on the Webplatform it will appear in your event on the app.


With the 4 digit event code you have the power to decide who will be able to join your event.


Customise Moment-Notifications for each of your Moments, so your audience know when to join an interaction.

Free App

Use the free Stagecast app to launch your Moments to, so your audience never has to pay for our service.

Stagecast Integration

Add Stagecast to your own App with a smooth integration.

You can easily add Stagecast and launch Moments right to your own app. We deliver nifty code that you can install with the click of a button (almost). 
Just contact us to get started!

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