The Change of the Music Industry

The live music industry is becoming increasingly important for the music industry overall.

Jonas Hermann
June 2, 2017

In 2014, Aloe Blacc famously said “Spotify is killing music”. What he really meant is something we all know: In times of digital distribution, performers are making continuously less money with recorded music sales.

The live music industry is becoming increasingly important for the music industry overall. Between 2003 and 2014, the live music industry has more than tripled to become a 6.2 Billion dollar industry in North America alone. More and more, artists record music in order to sell their shows – no longer the other way around.

Simultaneously, something else has changed within the bespoken time frame: We all started carrying small, high performance computers everywhere we go – and we love taking concert pictures with these mobile phones.

Interestingly, artists are not reaping the benefits from this development: Some even try to ban phones from concert venues entirely. Artists report having no control over the crowd due to smartphones and some worry about uploaded concert video material on the internet. But is banning phones really the way young generations want to experience their favorite shows? Social networks such as Facebook, YouTube, artists own website and other online sites mean that audiences are primed for seeing artists live much earlier now than was previously the case and provide a natural, digital transition to the physical event.

We do not believe banning technology will ever be a way forward. And we do not believe that one can turn back time – people will not magically stop using telecommunication devices. Hence, the only option is to shape technology in a way that is acceptable, enriching and profitable to all stakeholders. By integrating phones into live performances, Stagecast gives performers power over crowds and helps artists leverage the financial benefit of their shows. It makes fans more engaged during an event and extends the concert experience to before and after the show. Stagecast is an interaction platform for live entertainment events.