Supercharged League of Legends MSI Fan Experience

Over 400,000 fans join forces in an epic 21-day challenge for exclusive in-game rewards at one of the world's largest eSports events.

May 16, 2023
The League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) has always been a spectacle to behold, but this year, the excitement for fans has gone into overdrive. Stagecast, the interactive fan engagement platform, has joined forces with marketing agency Apollo18 & Mercedes-Benz, the official automotive sponsor of League of Legends eSports, to create an unforgettable fan experience. For the third year running, Stagecast is activating the Mercedes-Benz brand at the MSI, and hundreds of thousands of fans are participating in an extraordinary fan campaign.

The 21-Day Mercedes Hextech Chest Challenge

To ramp up the excitement, Apollo 18 and Mercedes-Benz have designed a 21-day fan challenge on Stagecast, where participants can play one of three different game modes each day for a chance to win highly sought-after League of Legends in-game rewards, such as Hextech Chests. Fans that participate in a minimum of five different fan games and collect at least 400,000 points in total can enter a raffle for even more prestigious in-game rewards.

Record-Breaking Participation

In just the first few days of the challenge, over 400,000 participants have joined the fray, making this year's MSI activation the most successful to date. The Mercedes Hextech Chest activation has become a hot topic among the League of Legends fanbase, with enthusiasts from around the world creating Mercedes-Hextech Chest YouTube videos and sparking discussions on Reddit threads.

Effortless Campaign Setup with Stagecast

The entire fully Mercedes-branded campaign is seamlessly set up in the Stagecast system. Partnering with Apollo18, the League of Legends activation and loyalty program is easily managed in the Stagecast console without writing a single line of code.

Engaging Fans and Driving Brand Traffic

But the fun doesn't stop at the games. Mercedes also activates its brand in a smooth and compelling manner, driving traffic to its pages where fans are encouraged to book test drives or learn more about Mercedes products. This is made possible through Stagecast's Call-To-Action features, which seamlessly integrate with the fan experience.

This year's League of Legends MSI is more electrifying than ever, thanks to the innovative partnership between Stagecast, Apollo 18 and Mercedes-Benz. By offering fans an engaging and interactive experience, Mercedes-Benz and League of Legends have reinforced their commitment to pushing the boundaries of eSports events and activations.

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