Make your event app an integrated part of the event experience!

Make your event app an integrated part of the event experience with a smooth Stagecast integration

January 16, 2020
Fact: Most sports clubs, festivals and other events have their own apps or websites nowadays. But many event apps or websites are struggling to be relevant enough to be downloaded and used during the event by participants.

If you're dreaming of new features to add to increase the relevance of your app for participants and increase downloads - look no further. We have the perfect solution for you!

You might display schedule, parking information and other information in your channels. But will that be interesting enough to drive traffic to your beloved app or website before, during and after the event? 

Stagecast is all about audience engagement and creating fun and meaningful interactions for event experiences. And with our Stagecast integration, you can add all Stagecast Moments, such as quizzes, photo collages and much more to your app or website with a few, simple clicks. Moments will make your app or website an integrated part of the live experience and really get your fans off their chairs. 

The best part: All Moments are brandable, so you have new sponsorship opportunities to offer to your event partners! 

Easily add Stagecast Moments to your own app or website!

Take a look at how Svenska Handbollslandslaget integrated Stagecast into their official  Gameday app to activate their crowd throughout the whole European championship 2020 here!

...and, if you're interested in getting going yourself, you find out all necessary information on our integration page to get started.

Easily Add Stagecast to any development environment you already use.